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  3. Leda

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Leda

    Congrats man! Wishing all the best to your wonderful new family!
  5. Happy Birthday :D sorry late wish :pepeD:

  6. Fouzy

    its not me its my girlfriend.... i have not gay arms hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. abdellatif

    She is looking at u like who dafuq is this Congratsmon pote <3
  8. Fouzy

    the game is my life since too much long years and my life is the game xD
  9. Happy B-Day Quack! ;)

  10. happy bday!!!!!!!



  12. VaNsTeR

    Step up your game now brother :). You have alot more responsibilitys now, Take care of your family!
  13. Calig

    a New mako fag has born!! (Just kidding ) What a timing having a baby at exact birthday as his own father. So happy for you! Congratulations!!
  14. Tariq

    Awww how cute! She looks way better than her father! Congratz bro!
  15. Happy Birthday and congratz to you new born <3

  16. Happieee birthday FouZy.:)

  17. h1dden

    Congratulations I can imagine what you feel so it's awesome cool And I wish your family good health (what is the most important thing)
  18. Happy B-day dude! :winklenny:

  19. Hello guys my daughter is born yesterday night 14/01/2019 at 21h44 and it's my gift for my birthday ! 4,300 Kg, strong like his father
  20. Happy Birthday!! :pepeD:

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