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  2. VaNsTeR

    We are not currently applying. You are clearly too young to take the responsibility of being an admin since you have to be older then 16. Just pro tips that could help you in the future: Get to know the server regulars first (admins, members) and generally the people around at the community itself. Check if the community is currently in a need for new admins. Read their requirements what's needed to become one. For the following reasons, closing the topic.
  3. KillerHitman

    Age : 12 Name : KillerHitman Why You want to be admin ? 1. Because i want to help 2. I'm Helpfull
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  6. Rewards have been given out. Msg me if you havent received yours yet. [VIPS already being vip have been extended time]
  7. Can I give my VIP to someone ? cuz i'm already VIP
  8. N3ON47

    Definately a good idea to branch out to multiple games, kf2 event would bring some fresh air as well. Agree with @Deadview
  9. @VaNsTeR ex2 is outdated, ex3 hellz the new shit, solo ex3 is what all the kool kids are after. tbh ex3 solos arent even really special, its much easier than ex2 when you can 100% jump all the lasers in the safe spot, most people just arent aware of this yet. iLoVeMaKoAndWestersanD : i have the most solos in all ff maps i m the best just look my screenshoots . iLoVeMaKoAndWesteranD: team wins doesnt count delete your screenshoot its easy shit and boring look my newest tyranni solo iLoVeMaKoAndWestersanD : i prooved that i m the best with all my solos . iLoVeMaKoAndWestersanD: i shoot but i calculate when its good for my next solo win you retard no need to win a boring team win
  10. Maxemor

  12. OH YEAH I WON SOLO EX2 FUCK YOU ALL IM THE BEST PLAYER ON PLANET. probably because of this reason @ZER0 .
  13. VaNsTeR

    No we actually have many people playing kf2 and we also have a kf2 server but we never spoke about it with the forum i guess. However we thought about it. I personally dont really enjoy the game alot tho but for a community event with the people enjoying the gamemode it could still be alot of fun! Ill pin this topic and see what other admins say about an idea like this. I think its good and could be made someday!
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  15. Pizza

    Yes, please! I really need it badly.
  16. Maxemor

    I have a custom muzzle flash for performance but it's not completely invisible, it's just less fancy than the original so it draws with higher fps. I also have a .pcf particles file for the burning zombies in zombie escape which reduces the flame particles. With those 2 optimizations I managed 10 to 20+ fps in online zombie escape. I can send them to you if you want.
  17. ** NOTE: By playing both versions of the map IN CS:S (ze_pirates_port_royal_v3_6 and ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_4s2) **
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