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  2. now that u stated i have been ignorant of my skin files all i have done is copy and paste im gonna delete all and re add one by one again and make sure not to mix offline files in the folder and also those unrelated texture files and see how it works. since im on non steam im gonna have to do some research before i make changes to my css thanks a lot for pointing out the importance of "online and "offline" categories i have been stressing over this
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  4. Remove texture and withoutsmoke. Pick a texture you would like from the files inside of it and just drag it into the custom skins folder. Depending on what is it. material,models etc. just drag in. Same with smoke. they are not supposed to be in that folder. Secondly remove "Offline" of it aswell. Now i would delete everything there and add them again since you have probably every file already added there. Try that and play. Most likely it is happening because you have offline version on the multiplayer aswell. Thats a no go.
  5. can someone help me out with this what part to remove that related to "recoil scripts" without deleting my all custom skins? thanks in advance
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    thx me lova
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    good luck
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    thx me lova
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    i want see u as admin me lova, You are a good person, always active and your language is good I hope you are chosen your lova VIVA
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    Ban reason: "SMAC Eye Test Violation" "... The type of cheats that do this are usually Anti-Recoil, No-Spread, Crit-Hack (TF2), and some Aimbots." For everyskin there is most of the time an "Online" and "Offline" Option in the zip file when you download. You gotta make sure yo get the online one. Maybe also read the info about the skin itself. You have been banned now most likely for using a recoil script. Please remove that. You have been unbanned.
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    sure no problem man <3
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    I assume there has been typo in ban command.. By jumping out of the map, you mean literally jumping out of the map so there's no way of getting you? If that's the case, it's written in rules to not use map exploits. If that was not the first time doing it, it will lead for longer ban obviously. For this case removed the ban.
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    Name: eXcisioN SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95980168 Server: ZM Admin: abdellatif What happened: I was playing in zm server as usual and i was the last human, so zombies came where i was and i kept shooting then i ran out of bullets so i jumped out of map and died and abdellatif banned me permenantly for that, i talked him about my ban and he said it is for 1 hour, so i came back a few hours later and still i was not unbanned
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    You are right gamebanana says custom skins have custom renewed recoil and spread patterns.
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    Yes i have custim skins for sg550,m4 m3 tmp deagle and usp and i also get server is enforcing simple material everytime i join the server after closing the game and rejoinin works
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    well you need to check your custom skins that's the only way a aimbot script can get in your game without you notice
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    well even I cant forget the time I have been trolled by this surf server admin he sad I wont get ban it was my early days and I did it and regret it until this day.and that is what I'm not gonna do in the first place if I become and admin.i want to help the players of csfrag to get better so they wont do stuff like that.
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    I've been in a lot of pain but it's ok i will keep going If you guys like my videos and want me to make more be sure to hit that subscribe button Thank you all
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    Did you install any kind of cfg's or custom skins ? if so remove them it may be having a cheat scripts especially custom skins they may have Scripts And Scan ur pc too maybe someone got into it
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    but i dont have aimbot. im sure you guys can analyze my aim pattern from inspections and see if actually im using aimbot.
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    You have been banned by console for using Aimbot. Are you gonna lie about this? The proof is against you.
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    Well you had a bhop script back there but said that you didnt know using scripts is not counted as cheating tho that should be obvious enough. Lets see what other people think about you. I dont forget what has happened in the past.
  24. Name: Acid™ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:371826570 Server: Zombie mod Admin: console What happened: so i was playing in zm_hide_and_seek_v2 under a table which looks as as a small tunnel and i kept jumping so i can quick peek zombies around and kept shooting suddenly got console banned I think this may be a mistake because I have never installed any kind of scripts. also i have the same ban for ping faking i was lagging and my ping was 190+ maybe instead of kicking me it banned me please look into this cuz i just got unbanned a week ago and i have been playing fine.
  25. I went tryhard on surf rpg for 1 month and played 6 hours everyday, hit very high levels and was crushed to see my level reset
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    thx homie
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    Good Luck homie <3 <3
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