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  2. #4 Half Life 2 Walkthrough

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  3. PS: inb4 mods gag me lolxxddddddddddddddd ecksdee
  4. Name: VaNsTeR, Calig, Snowolf, Sinagrida Server: Zombie escape Steam ID: idk lol ecksdee Reason: For swearing on mic and in chat in this very religious server and for very rude behaviour Proof: Who cares anyway xxdddddd Inb4 all salty people come in saying "z3r0 you also swear xxddddddd" pl0x remember that their fucks cancel out my fucks so fuck off. I hope these players get gagged for life so that the server is forever clean. Thank. (Why did i even write this )
  5. Pending

    eSports | <-[G]uardiaN-> Argentina STEAM_0:0:1086930910 Zombie Escape
  6. Last week
  7. happy birthday my heart

    ps: fuckfidelink :lenny:


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  9. I said the rewards will be announced later. After the Event so probably. I did add a countdown on the Forum.. 2h left
  10. hi all , i want to add for annonce the event the time and goals and rewards for the players know the event
  11. Smoke in My Eyes

    Thats Funny
  12. <3
  13. Pool has been Closed. Maps being played for this week will be ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_4s2 for Saturday and ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_2_1 for Sunday.
  14. Actually vid is a pro gravity/erf troll on nide #cancerous
  15. A very nice and kind guy. Happy birthday! :D 

  16. !sg @Hichem
  17. And good ol eF
  18. However i saw vid on Nide yesterday playing mako
  19. Updated the Mapchooser version. This should also fix the problem when only few players was needed to start the vote overall/beginning of the round. I will also look for the !spec <player> / !admins / !sm this weekend.
  20. Enough said (from 2014)
  21. kk but how about !nominate +name of map
  22. But vid likes paranoid
  23. Maybe we should ask @Sinagrida's opinion whether Mako is a good map.
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