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  3. Happy B'Day! :partypopper::partypopper:

    1. focus.


      Thank you Calig I hope you will comeback soon!

  4. Well seems like the second map is good,gonna be online for the event and lets try to win
  5. @VaNsTeR If you promise you will slap me during the event I will come, otherwise no.
  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. focus.


      Thank you Neon old nickname ?

    2. N3ON47


      Well it is old but I just recently joined the community :kermit:


  7. Happy Birthday Focus.

    1. focus.


      Thank you Saxi ;) #noobadmin :D

  8. Chestit rojden den :D!

    1. focus.


      Mersi Demon ;) #admin4e

  9. Last week
  10. Good to know! Edited the topic.
  11. @VaNsTeR shaurma has 3 stages.
  12. Pending

    @abdellatif so when i used the mic for like 10 seconds and literally said or did nothing in the mic you assumed i was spamming and muted me for no reason? and btw i used the mic after you joined the server i was just having fun with that guy who was making weird noises on mic
  13. Pending

    Just to correct your words above... besides we had confirmed you are always claiming yourself as a victim.
  14. Pending

    Sure i will talk as an admin , First of all i saw u many times breaking the rules while admins out , and u said many things about admins as an stupid people and u desrespect them and players also this is as an exemple 16. fev 2018 18:50:05asshole[CS-Frag.com] Zombie Mod | FastDL | Store | GameME 16. fev 2018 18:50:03fucking noob[CS-Frag.com] Zombie Mod | FastDL | Store | GameME and about ur mute u didnt notice me that i m in the server u were spaming i think u deserve it , and Btw u are the most player who does'nt respect the rules
  15. Pending

    thanks for unban me vanster also in the past he had gagged me for 2 days because i said "admin stupid not banning cheater" and i think that wasnt deserved as well
  16. Pending

    You have been unbanned since i dont see the point in this to you getting banned for a childish reason like this. I mean admins are not perfect and do mistakes aswell but just banning someone for saying fucking admins is not okay. However there isnt really an evidence on this why he did really mute you from what you are saying and the screenshoot doesnt really provide any information in this point. @abdellatif please respond asap.
  17. Pending

    Your in-game name: excision Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:95980168 Admin name and Steam ID: abdellatif STEAM_1:1:7152082 In which server it happened: zm Time of incident (include time-zone): 2.16.2018 Your side of the story: I was playing in zm and used my mic for like 10 seconds and said nothing then abdel came with a different name and muted me for no reason and said i was spamming and i said wtf admin? And then he banned me for 2 hours for insulting admin?? Demo/Video evidence:
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  19. [DOWNLOAD] SUNDAY 18.02.2018 16:00 Central European Time [CET] I cannot really tell alot of info about this map since i havent really played it anywhere alot but all i can tell is that it is russian. Its a Stage Map includes Items aswell. There will be VIP Rewards for winners of each Stage! Each Stage Win grants you 2 days of VIP and there is 3 Stages of total. Event Duration : 1.5-2h Leaders: @VaNsTeR @The RUMPLESTILSKIN @Rix :V [DOWNLOAD] SATURDAY 24.02.2018 16:00 Central European Time [CET] Stage Map. Hard but not that much. Not sure if items are included. VIP Rewards included but only for the winners of the Last Stage! 2 weeks VIP! Event Duration : 2h Leaders: @VaNsTeR @The RUMPLESTILSKIN @Rix :V Zombie Escape Server IP: Hope to see you all there! - Team Event Manager - Winners of the Events will be posted down here! ze_shaurma_v3_b06 Winners. Whitespliff 2 Days VIP Rumplestilskin 6 Days VIP Rix :v 2 Days VIP Fouzy 4 Days VIP Kai Master of Lightning 6 Days VIP Yabbulf 2 Days VIP Bob 4 Days VIP Mountain Player 4 Days VIP quack 2 Days VIP Mc Borov 2 Days VIP Note: Other people that may won the event have not been awarded VIP due to the following reason. Mostly just joining Server when there is an Event like this going on and never comes back anyways so not gonna bother taking my time adding them.
  20. Last week
  21. ......so guys do you want add zpropos?... zpropos good thing for humans and bad for zombies i say add it zpropos is a good thing
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