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  2. Hllo everyone today will start a new topic of new server : i want new server because the servers of ZM and ZE and Bunny hop they are null no players and nothing for any updates or any thing that servers are old and null . whene i play Teeworlds in server infclass of Stitch626 i feel pleasure because his server is very cool. Specifications of the new server : 1-The server must have classes and all class have a spcial power (medic_engineer_bomber_scientist.....look on the server infclass Stitch626 in Teeworld. 2-all players will have XP and Levels. 3-can use ZM maps. 4-can use the guns of the server infclass Stitch626 (pistol is usp -sniper is awp - hammer is knife .....) 5-have fun
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  4. hello admin mg_rota_derp_v1_1 has been bugging recently when i joined the server the timing is set to 0 and when i die it does not change the map even i did timeleft it says sm this is last round but no matter how many times i die it does not change the map plzz change it or try to fix this ~hadi
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    https://imgur.com/a/3zC0Lye No.
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    Camping nigger
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    I would ask for last chance for him,since he reported some people to me which is help. Just think about it !
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    im to drunk to take this serouis atm.. also been very busy lately with getting a job now
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    Writing the story again won't cost u money btw .
  10. okay welcome back
  11. Name: SniPer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:235225913 Server: Zombie Mod Admin: NEON What happened: Recently, he was trying to jump into a high place, Zombies would have killed him, but I saved him repeatedly then when he dead I said to him "loser + lenny as a joke" but he gagged me for 1 week (raison : Enjoy !!!) , I said no problem for that. So, today we were in lila hacker...I run away to the secret when the gates, I was waiting for the zombie who was following me for knife him to the hell. I did that and I gone out the secret...after that the zombie says to neon "SniPer is camping in the secret", he didn't ask me directly slapped me until death. I was so angry then I said to him "noob admin, Fu*k ur mom, ni**a" on mic and I quite. Now when I have come back from the school I saw that he gave me 1 year gag/mute.
  12. hi bro long time no see


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  14. Happy B'Day Rise! :kermit::) 

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      Thanks:) :3

  15. Oh faggot , hey
  16. Good to have you back, fag
  17. Mobile Wallpaper - Smartphones (2K)
  18. Happy Birthday.

  19. Happy Birthday dear Hidden :D

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      saaaxi,  thank you :D

  20. Happy B'Day! :)

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      Thank you,  Calig^_^

  21. Glad you like it.
  22. Happy B'Day! :kermit:

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      Ty,  hichem ^^

  23. Go away again pls
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