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  2. Tony Montana

    you know the only thing we care about is lazers is there some ?
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  4. ineya piranthanal nal valzthukal vendetta (Happy Birthday) :pepeD::)

  5. Happy Birthday! :kermit::kermit::Poggers::FeelsAmazingMan::KreyGasm::pepeD::pepeD::KappaPride:


  6. VaNsTeR

    This actually looks really good!
  7. Calig

    It's a nice idea. Maybe at some point try with custom textures that are close to ones on website, will give some nice feeling to it
  8. Calig

    Bunnyhop timer will be fully reset on Monday 19th of November. Reason for this is simply just unmoderated records, which has allowed many cheaters to keep their records in our statics. The same stats has been now running nearly 3 Years (January 2016), so that might tell you on average how many cheated records exist out there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The new (same) updated version of the timer includes Anti-Cheat and more features then previous one. We will be also having web ranking for all your records and player profiles, but that will take few days/weeks more to finish from the reset. New announcement will be made upon the reset day on Monday.
  9. Handicapped Cloud

  10. Sinagrida

  11. Handicapped Cloud

    https://imgur.com/a/8adgmaG new screenshots
  12. Happieeee bday Hichem 💐

    Have a blast 🎆🎈

    1. Hichem


      Merci beaucoup ^_^

  13. Happy B-Day bro! Wish you the best :heart::P

    1. Hichem


      Appreciate this, thank you ma friend :heart:

  14. Rix :V

    ohooo good job! its looks good , keep it up , if you need some ideas or help then i'm here, add me on steam if you want
  15. Handicapped Cloud

    i forgot to add more info, i was in a hurry
  16. Ahmed  Anes

    its good right now just i ask are there any bosses or lazers ?
  17. Handicapped Cloud

    Map name: ze_fiendlordkeep Download link: not yet Pictures: (spawn area) I'll post more screenshots when I get to home and explain some stuff (these are old screenshots) ---------------- This map is based on a location in the game Chrono Trigger. its has 3 levels, boss included in each one I'm using this picture as reference: http://www.snesmaps.com/maps/ChronoTrigger/ChronoTrigger600MagussLair.html
  18. Well, Happy Birthday, Hichem! Wish you health, happiness and all the best! ;)

    1. Hichem


      Thank you hidden :)

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  20. Happy Birthday.

  21. hala

    (not actually my favorite) ice fox favorite
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