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  1. Calig

    It's a nice idea. Maybe at some point try with custom textures that are close to ones on website, will give some nice feeling to it
  2. Calig

    Bunnyhop timer will be fully reset on Monday 19th of November. Reason for this is simply just unmoderated records, which has allowed many cheaters to keep their records in our statics. The same stats has been now running nearly 3 Years (January 2016), so that might tell you on average how many cheated records exist out there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The new (same) updated version of the timer includes Anti-Cheat and more features then previous one. We will be also having web ranking for all your records and player profiles, but that will take few days/weeks more to finish from the reset. New announcement will be made upon the reset day on Monday.
  3. Calig

    His pants, right Her* But yeah, I also noted that
  4. Calig

    9.11.2018 Server updated to Build 1073 (BETA) Event: Twisted Christmas : Season’s Beatings 2 New Maps (Server currently running only on these maps) Santa’s Workshop (Weekly, Survival, and Endless compatible) Ally with Santa to take back his workshop from Krampus’ evil clutches Survival experience with mandatory objectives Shopping Spree (Weekly, Survival, and Endless compatible) Experience the shopping spree rush of slaying Zeds in this mangled mall Read Full Official Release Notes HERE
  5. When I told you I played for 4 years what was your reaction ? 


  6. Calig

    Winners has been added to the second post of the topic. Thanks for everyone joining the events!
  7. Calig

    Added pictures from the events below the main post.
  8. Calig

    You see nothing, it was eazy copypasta
  9. Happy B'Day! :) 

  10. Calig

    Killing Floor 2 - VS Mode

    We will be playing Killing Floor 2 - Versus Mode on map 'Monster Ball' on Hard difficulty (Depending on players perks lvl's). Server will be kept locked until everyone has joined the match (Max 12 players), and after if any slots are available, we will open the server for everyone. Each team are gonna get chance to try both sides of the mode (Human & Zombie). One match is probably taking around ~ 30 minutes, really depending on the team. If you got interested of the game, you can view it down below. It's currently on sale -67% Server Details NAME: [EU] CS-Frag.com | Hard | Versus Mode IP: SLOTS: 12 PASSWORD: csfrag Join Server If the join button is not working for you for some reason, join from console (F3) key: open
  11. Calig

    WINNERS OF HALLOWEEN EVENTS Hide 'N Seek | REWARD 1 DAY VIP PER ROUND SURVIVED (+3 FOR SOLO) @>>> kobra <<< (5) +3 @dozy (4) @DOC (3) @L1feDRAIN (3) @Migza (3) +3 @Rix :V (3) @WiCk (3) @Fouzy (2) @JEPPE (2) @Slaxxy (2) @R0v1 (2) @Sinagrida (1) @-WU- (1) Slender | REWARD 1 WEEK VIP #1st Match @Rix :V @-<SAXI>- @Krusty Burger #2nd Match @SYED Stone of Destiny | REWARD 1 WEEK VIP @L1feDRAIN @Fouzy @Migza @k9fEinW0W @JEPPE @>>> kobra <<< @h1dden @SYED @XXitachi @camwil Bomberman | REWARD 2 DAYS PER ROUND SURVIVED @smootti (12) @DeMoN (2) @SniPer (2) @WiCk (2) Halloween House We didn't beat the map, but it was fun exploring and playing the map! Thanks all who participated! Biohazard Marathon | REWARD 1 WEEK PER MAP WON ze_Biohazard_v2b_004 @DOC @Fouzy @>>> kobra <<< @JEPPE @L1feDRAIN @Migza @MUSTILOS @Rix :V @ShadowPR @WiCk ze_Biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004 @Migza @Rix :V @FideLink @smootti ze_Biohazard2_sewer_v4c_fix_3 - none - Slender Escape | REWARD 1 WEEK WINNING THE LAST STAGE @SYED HALLOWEEN EVENTS - PICTURES Here are some pictures from the events. Most of them has ended of being just screenshots of scoreboard, but.. Will keep adding more pictures once the events has past. Hide 'n Seek Slender Stone of Destiny Video material by @k9fEinW0W Bomberman Halloween House Biohazard Marathon Video material by @FideLink Slender Escape Killing Floor 2
  12. It's again the scariest time of the year! And we got some events for you! They will be held from 29th of October till 4th of November. Halloween skins has been added for ZE/ZM/BHOP servers. Rewards of the events will be added later on the topic. Join Server Download Map HIDERS = Choose your prop and teleport to the map. Stay alive for 3 minutes in order to win! SEEKERS = Your objective is to hunt down the hiders. Each time you fire your gun you lose 10 HP. Good luck! Join Server Download Map Slender is back again! We must find all the missing 8 pages to kill him and escape this place! When the first page has been collected, slender will appear and will start chasing players. If you stare into slender's face, he will take you to a place where no one will ever find you ~ death awaits. Join Server Download Map Your team has to defend the castle from the attacking units. The units walk a path around the castle before they enter inside. You have to stop them from destroying the stone of destiny. There are several unit waves, after 3 waves you have to kill a boss before he kills you! Protect the stone, no matter what the cause! Join Server Download Map Aim is to kill the enemies and be the last man standing. With 'E' you throw bombs. When looking on the ground, while pressing 'E' you lay a bomb. You can kick a bomb by running towards the bomb that's on the ground. After 3 minutes of playtime sudden death starts which cause the lava to rise. There are boxes that can be broken to get special power ups as follows: Join Server Download Map Get ready for some spooky adventures in the haunted house! Join Server ze_Biohazard_v2b_004 (Download) ze_Biohazard_manor_v4a_004fix2 (Download) ze_Biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004 (Download) ze_Biohazard2_sewer_v4c_fix_3 (Download) Event will be lead by @FideLink. We will be playing the maps in the following order: Join Server Download Map The Poll has been now closed and most of you voted for ze_slender_escape_b4 to be the final Halloween event! Killing Floor 2 has released the 'Monster Masquerade' Halloween update for their game. The game contains a Versus Mode which may not be the most popular at least for the moment, but we will be trying it out this Friday at 9 o'clock! There's slots for 12 players. As map is going to be 'Monster Ball' on medium length (7 waves) on hard difficulty. We play 2 matches so everyone can try the game from both points of view!