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  1. Depends of the plugin. Some of them are private, but there are many similar plugins out there for free, if you look from the right place.
  2. Happy Bday! :) 

  3. Continuing the discussion in here. Closing topic.
  4. Will stick for what we have now. The game also seem to be very unpopulated https://steamcharts.com/app/380840 And it's quite out of the range of what kind of servers we want to host. Thanks anyways for the idea. Topic closed.
  5. Hellknight has been now replaced with General Raam model, to represent the mutated zombie class. HELLKNIGHT > GENERAL RAAM Bug fixed, moved to Archives. Topic closed.
  6. Gratulerer med dagen! :kermit: 

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      Tusen Takk Calig :D

  7. ZOMBIE NEMESIS MAP: zm_Dead_Cornfarm 30th of June 2018 16:00 Central European Time [CET] Zombie Mode Server IP: Kill all remaining humans to gain your reward! Or.. Humans will hunt you down, and most damage dealt player will get your reward!
  8. Half a year ago I left to do my military service, due that I didn't find the time to work towards our community (nor there wasn't anyone who could have). Of course it was not the best idea, but it was the only option we had really. This half-year has gone very fast, and my service duty is only about 11 days left. For now I will just leave a poll open of possible events we can host on the next weekend (29.6 - 1.7.2018). Vote for your favorite, comment down below to suggest maps if you voted for ze/mg event! Seee youu soon!
  9. Happy B'Day! :kappa: :kappa: 

  10. Added to force map to end for maps such Rota Derp and Serpentis. Maps that has timer enabled has this featured included in the timer. Fixed. Thanks
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  12. Happy B'Day Rise! :kermit::) 

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