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      Member Applications Closed   01/07/18

      The member applications has been closed. Now on you can use our steam group tag in-game in order to get free member benefits. https://cs-frag.com/topic/1661-member-applications-closed/    


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  1. Take care. i hope you will come back

  2. Member applications has been now closed. To get the member benefits you must use CS-Frag Steam Group as in-game tag. If you have no-steam version of the steam, use clan tag of [CS-Frag]. Here are the current member perks: Member skin on ZM/ZE servers Member in-game tag in all servers Click Here to join our Steam Group if you haven't already!
  3. Happy B'Day! :kermit:

  4. Yes. You may also do social service or spend 173 days in jail if you refuse to do either of the two options
  5. I hate Krusty Burgers, but Happy B'Day :kappa::balloon: 

    1. Krusty Burger

      Krusty Burger

      Thanks Calig, my favourite CS:S community owner! :))

    2. Krusty Burger
  6. Winners of the last event added. Thanks everyone for joining!
  7. Happy B'Day! :kermit: 

  8. Happy B'Day! :kappa:

  9. I bet most of the people have their own plans today, so better just take it easy
  10. *UPDATE*: - Switched the event dates between ze_christmas_infection> To Saturday 30.12.2017 and ze_Santassionation> To Friday 29.12.2017 - Added the winners of the past events
  11. hi admin how to add non setam to server cs source 

  12. You just applied on your other account for your new steam id. What you want?
  13. Pending

    What for is the new forum account?