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      Thank you my love :kissing:

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  3. I just tested it out and seems like the model doesn't have head hitbox. Never noticed that before. We will look for something else to replace the Mutant class and perhaps changing skins for few other classes as well.
  4. Chill! I was just making the post Sorry about the delay though I will be still adding the winners VIPs, so everyone should have it later today.
  5. Sorry about the delay announcing the Halloween event winners! Here they are: Zombie Escape ze_Fapescape_rote & ze_FFVII_Mako_reactor_v6 We didn't beat the maps, but thanks for everyone who participated in the events! ze_Slender_Escape We managed to beat all the stages with stats of 9 - 14 Winners of the last stage got rewarded with 1 Month of VIP. @WhiTeSpliFF @FRIEND Kai Master of Fire And also one month for Balg for soloing stage 3. Screenshots at the end of the post. GG! Zombie Mod - Nemesis We gave rewards for the survivors of the first five rounds, when me and Vanster were hunting survivors as nemesis. 3 Days from each win. We were also supposed to give for all players who played as nemesis and managed to kill all players, but appeared the map had some OP places, and it didn't really work out this time. Notes has been taken and improved on next nemesis event! @-<SAXI>- 12 Days @Kriger - Mantus 9 Days @Rejected 9 Days @MoonLight 6 Days @SlayeR 6 Days @sadem55 9 Days @eXcisioN 6 Days @JEPPE 6 Days @JON SNOW 6 Days @SYED 6 Days @theracord 3 Days @Hichem 3 Days @dozy 3 Days Patriots 9 Days Juanyson 9 Days Godlik3 6 Days '=Dreagan=' 3 Days Ammón 3 Days Minigame - Slender We did find all the notes multiple times, but how come, we had no idea how to kill the slender *Bravo* That for, we rewarded the players who participated since beginning of the event till ending with 1 week of VIP. @JEPPE @VasyaPupkin @Sinagrida @sadem55 @The RUMPLESTILSKIN @Hichem @theracord @dozy @eXcisioN @MoonLight @Fouzy @Ibrahim morin @SYED @.::I am Legend::. @Mountain player :3 Thanks for everyone who took part in our Halloween events! See you next time! Pictures from some of the events
  6. Approved

    Accepted! Let us know if there are any problems, and welcome!
  7. Solved

    Hey, there was some problems with the server and it actually banned anyone who joined the server during that time The ban has been removed from sourcebans page. Sorry about this. You can now safely join the server again. Cheers.
  8. That's the one. The name was too long for the image, it would have ruined it
  9. Approved

    Accepted! Heard your steam id changed as well so that has been fixed. Welcome!
  10. Let that stay only between me and you
  11. Mod, more familiar in cs 1.6 zombie mod. It's one powerful zombie with high hp, long jump.. You get killed by one hit, and you gotta wait until everyone is dead or humans survive the round. Here is a Gameplay from @ShadowPR of our last nemesis event.
  13. We used to have Freeze Grenades enabled in Zombie Escape server back in the days, but we decided to remove it due it's not "Legit" to win maps with them, and it's not. About skins, we're working on them
  14. Happy B'Day! :) 

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