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  4. I reduced the props hit damage to half, so before 117 hits needed to destroy a prop, now 234 hits. Yet not going to test out the ZProps. Lets see how things goes with this adjustment.
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  6. Happy B'Day! :):kermit:

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      Thank you Calig I hope you will comeback soon!

  8. I thought of bringing them back a while ago, but yet i'm not gonna make them available. Lets see on the next coming big update, no date set yet. Locking topic.
  9. Isn't that how the Gamemode is suppose to be like? Humans hide from zombies and defend their positions till end of the round? Or do you refer to our Nemesis event that we have hosted on Zombie Mode server, where the nemesis can kill humans by 1 hit and they wont respawn until next round?
  10. We had ZProps once on the server, and it didn't really work out. And yes, I thought this would be again relevant topic to discuss, due all physical props can be now destroyed by zombies. I wanted to make the game more challenging (Tell me if i'm totally wrong on this). But ofc.. Everything is adjustable. If we would be adding zprops, we could make them weak, so they are easy to destroy. We can also increase the map default props health, so zombies cannot destroy them so fast. Currently maps physical props can be destroyed by 117 knife hits by zombie (Mouse 1/2, no difference to damage dealt) I've seen some members being against this update (Props Damage) that for I would really appreciate to get everyone's feedback here on this topic. Let me know if you like the map default props can be destroyed, and should the progress be faster or slower. Also would you like to see ZProps along with Props Damage, and how you would set health settings for both systems.
  11. The store especially removes all items once you get infected for reason, and I have no doubts that sometimes you can see zombies wearing items. Zombie models differs to human models and the items would be located in random positions, and they cannot be relocated only for specific models. And if zombies would be able to use the items, I think it would be bothering players, zombies with big astronaut helmets etc. And there's no option to disable stripping the items on infection, so I must say no for your suggestion this time. Nice idea after all.
  12. Happy B'Day! :)

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