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  1. Nice template, herr Calig. I will try to make it on time for the zombie tower + nemesis. Sounds fun. Also, happy anniversary cs-frag.
  2. You do realize that Noctali's map has all of this included? You basically re-did the Mako v6 bridge part and it is poorly made. Ill pass
  3. @Uchiha Desu type the following commands into your console : r_decals 2048 mp_decals 2048 cl_playerspraydisable 0 r_spray_lifetime 2 decalfrequency 10 cl_allowdownload 1 cl_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_allowupload 1
  4. He is a toxic player, I know this. But if you want me to punish him, please give me some proof. I am not gonna waste an hour searching in IsmaelF's chat history ( I could, and probably will find enough evidence to gag him, but I need players to learn, that if you make a report thread YOU need proofs!)
  5. Happy Birthday на най-якият АДМИН <3 Best wishes !!!  :balloon::partypopper::kermit:

  6. Happy Birthday, Exo ^_^

  7. Happy B'Day once again :):heart: 

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      Thanks Calig <3

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  9. Happy b-day!! Exo.

  10. Happy B'day! Hope you lose at Mako everytime! :KappaPride:

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