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  1. I said the rewards will be announced later. After the Event so probably. I did add a countdown on the Forum.. 2h left
  2. Pool has been Closed. Maps being played for this week will be ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_4s2 for Saturday and ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_2_1 for Sunday.
  3. Says mako but ive never seen him on that map playing so far lol
  4. Whats the big deal of no items and only pistols? i dont understand that
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  7. Pick carefully which maps you want to play this weekend! How this works? Top 2 Maps with most votes will be played on Saturday and Sunday. 18.11.17 and 19.11.17 Pool will stay open until Saturday 00:00 CET. The Rewards of VIP will be decided later.
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    Hey were gonna give you a try and see how it goes on with you. Please talk to me on Steam.
  10. Bump. Forgot this one. will come back to this soon. lol
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    Hell no. If the player is a russian and doesnt understand our language how is that our problem? We are an EU Community after all.