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  1. You can blame @Calig for that.
  2. It was surprisingly an interestingly well event with enough people to enjoy the gamemode. Will look into the winners of the event with @Calig this Saturday or Sunday and post the winners here.
  3. Well we have a csgo ze nosteam server already but atm its closed. Idk why i havent opened it yet back tho its ready. But well wait till 27th June when @Calig comes back to get more things done at the same time as there will be a big update comming in. Stay tuned!
  4. Pending

    im to drunk to take this serouis atm.. also been very busy lately with getting a job now
  5. Well i used to play those games like 7 years ago if i remember correctly. Id still play it i think if i would have the game xD. i did actually enjoy it quiet alot
  6. bitch u wot mate
  7. Stick Fight The Game. Its a simple online game with sticks fighting each other doesnt have alot of requirements and is a hell of fun to play from time to time.
  8. That jump seems to easy since you did not even strafe at all lol
  9. Denied

    The demo/evidence provided on your ban speaks for itself. Using any kind of hacks on the server leads to a permannent ban. You were indeed using some pretty obvious aimbot. Nothing compared to what you are talking about bhop. You will stay banned.
  10. If all ZM Admins agree on this i will consider this and remove those maps if also players dont really like those maps.
  11. Pending

    Its clearly said on on the unban Appeals that noother then the people involved and the admins are supposed to answer only here. Deleted comments. Its kinda sad not able to see a proper word said in english here but whatever. I will lock this topic. Also dont message other admins for yourself to get unbanned. It will lead to a Forum ban on you aswell. You will get unmuted/ungagged but admins are free to remute/regag you permannently if they feel like you deserve it or if you trashtalk again. Consider this as your very last chance. I dont know what is really going on but i trust our admins and seeing you having 23 comms/blocks now already is more then enough evidence for me.
  12. you and your fucking comebacks. amazing
  13. Rejected

    He is a known guy. Atleast for me. However you arent the one deciding someones admin app if im correct? But generally now this application is not accepted. Main reason is that id like the admins to have a microphone and get in touch with us and secondly be a Steam User which i believe you are not. But more of that is that you lack of english still. "Fluent English skillz required to be an admin it is said on the Application requirements." However we dont even really need admins for zombie escape at the moment due to is current situation. We are not giving its attention what it needs aswell since we are more busy setting up the CSGO Servers. Hints: ITS CLOSE TO HAPPEN!

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