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  1. Remove texture and withoutsmoke. Pick a texture you would like from the files inside of it and just drag it into the custom skins folder. Depending on what is it. material,models etc. just drag in. Same with smoke. they are not supposed to be in that folder. Secondly remove "Offline" of it aswell. Now i would delete everything there and add them again since you have probably every file already added there. Try that and play. Most likely it is happening because you have offline version on the multiplayer aswell. Thats a no go.
  2. UnBanned

    Ban reason: "SMAC Eye Test Violation" "... The type of cheats that do this are usually Anti-Recoil, No-Spread, Crit-Hack (TF2), and some Aimbots." For everyskin there is most of the time an "Online" and "Offline" Option in the zip file when you download. You gotta make sure yo get the online one. Maybe also read the info about the skin itself. You have been banned now most likely for using a recoil script. Please remove that. You have been unbanned.
  3. UnBanned

    You have been banned by console for using Aimbot. Are you gonna lie about this? The proof is against you.
  4. Pending

    Well you had a bhop script back there but said that you didnt know using scripts is not counted as cheating tho that should be obvious enough. Lets see what other people think about you. I dont forget what has happened in the past.
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  7. I said the rewards will be announced later. After the Event so probably. I did add a countdown on the Forum.. 2h left
  8. Pool has been Closed. Maps being played for this week will be ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_4s2 for Saturday and ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_2_1 for Sunday.
  9. Says mako but ive never seen him on that map playing so far lol
  10. topkek
  11. Whats the big deal of no items and only pistols? i dont understand that
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  14. Pick carefully which maps you want to play this weekend! How this works? Top 2 Maps with most votes will be played on Saturday and Sunday. 18.11.17 and 19.11.17 Pool will stay open until Saturday 00:00 CET. The Rewardsof VIP will be decided later. List of Winners of Pirates. Hard difficulty kraken. Players have been rewarded with 1 week of VIP. We didnt beat Convoy because the boss at the end was a little weird to fight but now we know how to defeat him and on our next time we shall beat the map. Still had great teamwork and managed to go all the way to the last lvl.