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      Member Applications Closed   01/07/18

      The member applications has been closed. Now on you can use our steam group tag in-game in order to get free member benefits. https://cs-frag.com/topic/1661-member-applications-closed/    


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  1. Pending

    ill wait a fwew days for racord to respond if he wants to say something here @theracord.
  2. i actually admit he fucked up there but it is obvious enough what it means ehh?
  3. Rejected

    Ehm no. This is not an application even worth reading it for being an admin. Take this spot more serouis and write next time a better/longer application and be more serouis. "gigi" Dafuq is that dude? ugh.
  4. Approved

    Added as Member
  5. Approved

    Welp forgot to say this already time before but yeah accepted.
  6. Approved

    Added as Member.
  7. UnBanned

    You wont get a second chance. You have been unbanned now.
  8. Rejected

    Honestly now. We can not have you as an Admin in our team due to the following reasons. You misbehave (e.g. insult others) You werent active the last weeks. And you have too many bans gags/mutes already. At all together, you do not meet the requirements which are needed to be in our team. And we prefer getting admins that have a microphone and can join us on our Discord and Teamspeak Servers so we can stay in contact.
  9. Happy birthday plankton

  10. UnBanned

    You have been obviously banned for cheating. There is no such thing as being "cursed" to get banned from a Map. What an excuse tho lol.
  11. Approved

    Addes as Member
  12. Pending

    Please repply here within the next 3 days would you?
  13. Approved

    Added as Member
  14. Approved

    You will be added as Member once your VIP runs out.