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    Step up your game now brother :). You have alot more responsibilitys now, Take care of your family!
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    This actually looks really good!
  3. VaNsTeR

    not credited
  4. VaNsTeR

    @Calig take notes you underaged midget
  5. VaNsTeR

    wait wut ur marrying? congratz man!
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    Please bear with us. We already know that there are a lot of cheated runs on bhop. Those runs are really obviously scripted but atm we don't have any bhop admins to deal with them. We're soon (hopefully) getting updated version of the current timer with proper anti-cheat system. That for all stats will be reset. For now can't give exact dates when it will be done, but as soon as we get it to ourselves.
  7. VaNsTeR

    Rewards have been given out. Msg me if you havent received yours yet. [VIPS already being vip have been extended time]
  8. VaNsTeR

    hassan in a nutshell
  9. VaNsTeR

    OH YEAH I WON SOLO EX2 FUCK YOU ALL IM THE BEST PLAYER ON PLANET. probably because of this reason @ZER0 .
  10. VaNsTeR

    No we actually have many people playing kf2 and we also have a kf2 server but we never spoke about it with the forum i guess. However we thought about it. I personally dont really enjoy the game alot tho but for a community event with the people enjoying the gamemode it could still be alot of fun! Ill pin this topic and see what other admins say about an idea like this. I think its good and could be made someday!
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    He has been permabanned. He actually has been banned on other communitys for cheating aswell. And from here http://stats.cs-frag.com/ you can find your steam id depending on which server you are playing. Closed.
  12. VaNsTeR

    Ye i remember this crab skin like 3 years ago back then when plaguefest was something lol.
  13. VaNsTeR

    @SnoWolf what the hell did i just read? xD
  14. VaNsTeR

    The system is made in this way. If a player doesnt follow the rules and is basically not being friendly and gets issued a mute/gag we do believe that he will continue being one on the other servers aswell. This is to prevent admins from going from server to server to keep muting/gaging them. It would be possible to change this but we wont since its a pain in the ass. But generally the sourcebans are all made like this way. Its also the same as getting banned on zm would also get you banned on mg & ze.
  15. VaNsTeR

    We had a zombie riot server once but it didnt really had any people playing on it so we decided to close it and the gamemode itself is not popular anymore so nobody really plays it these days.
  16. VaNsTeR

    I wouldnt mind it but i would make it around 250-300 tbh. You rarely see people over 300 ping and if there are they usually just lag teleport. I really dont wanna have to play against these kind of people tbh.
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    Its just a new updated macrodux version. Just blame calig. Closed
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    Stop spamming here. Cheating is not tolerated here aswell as on any other community i believe so. Ban reduced to 1 month. [Reasons for it]
  19. Happy birthday!

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    The Minigame server has easy bhop settings. anyone can literally bhop like that. unless you are still in the 90s jumping using spacebar. @Rix :V can explain you more about minigame if you desire. He is the Server manager for it.
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    @amy_1702 it seems like a fact that you also dont know whats going on here at all. Guessing u are just trying to backup a friend which is understandable from your point of view. BUT, thing is i actually recorded a little to late before i joined the server as his bhops were already ridicilous. But its just not possible to bhop like that on the zm server. Atleast with the settings it has included. Oh and @A Y H A M if you have ever watched some really good bhoppers handshow videos. You would see what strafing and bhopping is. Your bhopping is far nowhere close to theres. However because of the critism and the amount of people that sended me messages etc. im going to unban you but ill be strictly watching you. Im not going to listen to someone next time as i am 100 % sure that you are not doing it legit. Consider the next cheat attempt your last one. And be happy that you have people that back you up.
  23. VaNsTeR


    Sure i dont know anything about css and scripts. i literally only keepd my game open for over 5000 hours and did nothing on it. Oh i dont even know what bunnyhop is.