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  1. Can I give my VIP to someone ? cuz i'm already VIP
  2. SniPer

    Hello, I wanna know why mute/gag applied in all servers...for example I got a mute/gag in zm so why should I be muted/gagged in ze & mg ? that's good if i'm cheating but i'm not...I just had some problems with an admin ! Anyway that's was my suggestion.
  3. SniPer

    Think before posting
  4. Happy B-day mate ! Rush B !

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      Hİ Bro




  5. Name: SniPer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:235225913 Server: Zombie Mod Admin: NEON What happened: Recently, he was trying to jump into a high place, Zombies would have killed him, but I saved him repeatedly then when he dead I said to him "loser + lenny as a joke" but he gagged me for 1 week (raison : Enjoy !!!) , I said no problem for that. So, today we were in lila hacker...I run away to the secret when the gates, I was waiting for the zombie who was following me for knife him to the hell. I did that and I gone out the secret...after that the zombie says to neon "SniPer is camping in the secret", he didn't ask me directly slapped me until death. I was so angry then I said to him "noob admin, Fu*k ur mom, ni**a" on mic and I quite. Now when I have come back from the school I saw that he gave me 1 year gag/mute.
  6. SniPer

    It's a bad idea...don't remove maps, but add maps. and tell us the names of the new maps if u add them, to play there.
  7. Happy B-day !

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      Ismail lilou

      Thank you  :)


  8. SniPer


    @eXcisioN me and twister not cheaters...or me not scripter please !
  9. Happy b-day :partypopper:


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  11. SniPer


    With all my smiles...let the fu*king mute forever !!! And GAG ME TOO.
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  13. SniPer


    Name: SniPer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1979790729 Server: Zombie mod Admin: Hichem lilo What happened: We were playing and issuing funny sounds...the others with them voices and me with another sounds. Then I have got perm mute cuz mic spam. So can u remove this fu*king mute please ?
  14. Happy birthday ;)