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      The member applications has been closed. Now on you can use our steam group tag in-game in order to get free member benefits. https://cs-frag.com/topic/1661-member-applications-closed/    


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  1. Rejected

    wtf are you want be admin.im going to die cuz no respect
  2. MLG to and jerry

  3. Rejected

    good luck my friend i am lilouDZ
  4. hi everybody ? I WANT To tell proplem when enter another server zombie ecape if i enter say connection failed after 4 retries how to fix it please and happy new yar
  5. funny moments clash royale

    clash royale game for andriod and ios
  6. mine is css and cs go and halo and crysis 2
  7. lilou
  8. where ?
  9. plz how to activate my member ship in the game , i have a new pc and backto my account
  10. im leave game cuz im hated my life and lag and low fps proplem and aaaaaaaa.what is the map of the event
  11. how to use admin

    some skills for admin
  12. Approved

    you are lucky if u are steam player not for me shit nosteam player so was denied
  13. how ?
  14. can add game nosteam to the steam and play in others server ?