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  1. Mr Zippy

    I missed it :*(
  2. Mr Zippy

    +1 with everything Neon just said I agree with all off what he just said.. I find most off the spots on the maps now that need props don't work, if there are more than one zombie they can just kill the prop in about 30sec so most people are now just camping spots where its nearly impossible for zombie to get to and it just make the game boring for zombies and people just leave.. I think maybe we should bring back Zprops but like Neon said have credits or maybe have it with VIP where you can buy new props and for bigger props bigger the cost. and maybe you put a limit on how many props you can buy a round like a limit off 3 this would help zombies if the player is just sitting there just spawning props as he will run out are so many.. I also think he you do bring back Zprops you should only be able to spawn vending machines and small props nothing bigger..
  3. Thanks for the event loved playing on the server while it was up and had a lot off fun hope some day you will maybe bring it back