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    https://imgur.com/a/3zC0Lye No.
  2. Happy Birthday mate! :kermit::kermit::kermit:

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      Thank you n3on ^^

  3. Happy Birthday! 

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      Ibrahim morin

      Thank you mate 

  4. Happy Birthday! :kermit: :kermit:

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      Thank you man :doge:

  5. I want to join

  6. neon Do you open the group of zh

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      Rix :V

      thank u :sideways:



  8. Happy Birthday! :kermit:


  9. Yeah actually, Kubrak, Katharsys, Noisia, Pendulum, Spor, Apex these are the big names when it comes to old school dnb in my opinion.
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  11. I used to dance dnb back in the day and this was one of my favourites, spor , kubrak and pendulum hold a special place in my heart.
  12. Add them already
  13. Go ahead and give it a try
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    I will give you a final chance but will be keeping a very close eye on you from now on. Shortening your ban to 4 days in the meantime.

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