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  2. I think the addition of destructibe props was a great idea. It renders really op spots obselete for example where you could stack 3 vending machines in a crawlspace there was literally no way of zombies to get in. However now they stand a chance if they work together. Zprops would work well with this system in my opinion but would obviously have to lower prop health just a little bit. The destructible prop system is a 2 sided knife right now. While it gives zombies a better chance against humans who are defending a place with props, it unfortunately makes like 60% of previously good spots unusable, because there's no proper way to defend them since any prop can be easily destroyed. This leads to fewer "good spots" on the map which leads to more boring/linear gameplay. Zprops could actually balance what I stated above. Of course this comes down to how frequently you can place them in each round. Correct me if i'm wrong but back in the day if i remember correctly it cost some kind of credits to purchase ovens, file cabinets and such. Each being more expensive than the other. We would have to assure, you can't just spam ovens with tons of health whenever one gets destroyed. Also seperate zprops with major price differentiations. For example a file cabinet should cost a lot more than a trashcan. As for default prop health. This is a system you can't just get perfect on the first try. There have to be many iterations where health is higher or lower and see which values work the best. Just like balancing in any other game. For the current map props I think 117 hits is a bit low. Until we get Zprops they should be increased to... well let's say 200. 3 zombies can easily destroy a vending machine if they are constantly hitting it, this obviously gets worse the more people start attacking it. Again this is very situational because sometimes you would get one zombie trying to get to a guy who has a prop defending him and the zombie would be there alone hitting the prop for 2 hours, while in other situations 5-6 of them group up and take it down in seconds. This leads me back to my previous statement, where I said that values have to be tested to find the perfect balance. Regarding Zprop health they should be much lower than default props since you can just place them wherever you want. For a specific value... well hard to say because we never got to try it but let's try something between 50-70 hits. More expensive props should probably have more health. This comes down to how expensive they are, and how often you can place them. To sum it all up I think Zprops would work well if we could balance health values. Would definately bring some fresh air on the server.
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  6. So I don't know if this has been mentioned before but since there's already a bug on zm where "fast" zombie class gets human accessories on them when they get infected. I thought it would be cool if we could apply hats and glasses to zombies as well. Would give players a distinct look not just when they are human but when zombies as well. What do you guys think?
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    Absolutely agree with Hichem, you only spam sounds despite multiple warnings to stop. You have been muted several times before for similar offenses and you didn't learn from them. Besides, you never use your mic for proper chat only for spam so it's not that big of a loss for you i'd imagine.
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    -1 I can't even remember how many times I have muted you because you're constantly swearing and cussing. Just today I issued a mute for you for 2 weeks lmao. You have 0 respect towards other people so it's a big no from me.
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