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  1. Hello guys,I was wondering how to get blue Santa skin in Zombie mod?
  2. Some serbian kid,I think his name was "Faster" He was bullshiting me I guess
  3. Ok,thanks.This one guy told me that if I buy a mask I will do more damage to zombies and get more credits.
  4. Im wondering about the store in Zm (!store).Are there any benefits for buying things in there?For example if I buy a hat will I do more damage to zombies?
  5. Approved

    In-Game Name: DiadocH Country: Croatia Steam ID: I don't have steam Favorite server(s) of ours:Zombie Mod
  6. Players "Justla" and "Kaban" where killing their own teammates and me in zombie mod,map was zm_siberia.They use that antitank gun at the edge of the map and shoot zombies and humans.