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  1. 141 years now!  :P   Happy B-Day!

  2. Hey guys,I have some Q about some items in the "!store" 1.What do weapon colors do?I have bought orange color and my weapons didn't change the color at all? 2.I also bought "metal bucket"hat and it works,but I have to write !inv everytime and equip it.Is that normal?I don't have it equip when i join the server. Sorry for all these questions,but I'm new to CSFrag and also a Noob
  3. Hello guys,I was wondering how to get blue Santa skin in Zombie mod?
  4. Some serbian kid,I think his name was "Faster" He was bullshiting me I guess
  5. Ok,thanks.This one guy told me that if I buy a mask I will do more damage to zombies and get more credits.
  6. Im wondering about the store in Zm (!store).Are there any benefits for buying things in there?For example if I buy a hat will I do more damage to zombies?
  7. Players "Justla" and "Kaban" where killing their own teammates and me in zombie mod,map was zm_siberia.They use that antitank gun at the edge of the map and shoot zombies and humans.

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