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  1. Good to have you back, fag
  2. I was expecting vanster to say something on that.
  3. I think you can play TESV: Skyrim. And try Civilisation V. Oh and Bastion.
  4. Can we all agree that exo is/was best lj-er amongst us.
  5. Doesnt look too difficult to me. Couple of strafes would get you there in no time.
  6. Who doesnt.
  7. Yeah. The remixes are really shit.
  8. Its their new album so why not.
  9. O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA
  10. Dank memes are made of reeeeeees. Who am I to disagree.
  11. Everyone please stand for the national anthem of @Sinagrida.
  12. Doorhug and solo anyone?

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