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  1. So i have a counter arguement Your first point: rarely happens since rooms are pretty small and the only place you can do this is in surf vortex. 2nd point: early triggers mean decreased defence time but it depends. 3rd point: no it isnt. 4th: people dont just bhop all the time they defend too and bhopping depends on rng so zombies will face fail jumps while bhopping that reduce speed. 5th point: situational. On helms deep you are protected on mount doom the bhop route opens after humans make their way down. Some lvl on castlevania where you can defend easily against bhoppers 6th point: SOLO = SOLO win right? so? 7th point: agreed
  2. Oh wut did exo visit again
  3. Shadow is right i remember playing it (harry potter) in around 3 events when exodus was here. I wanted to try an event map we never tried like doom3 (1 event on doom3 when exo was here) or pizzatime
  4. mammamia itsa time for pizzatime
  5. I agree with @theracord rip nosteam fags like us. Although im fully supportive of this decision.
  6. let me guess its going to be like like pF events where the person w/ highest kills get 1st place and so on
  7. Yeah vid go make more shitty wins on mako. While I win that map like once a year every year ;-; RIP ME IN MAKO P.S: i just won that shit 2 days ago for the first time this year so i gotta flex about it
  8. Vid wtf is this
  9. Happy surfing you fags
  10. some more real music
  11. more real music
  12. real music