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  1. Goodluck with the holds and triggers on frostdrake, and goodluck with the boss on frozentemple.
  2. The maplist requires an update so here are some of the maps i feel that should be added to normal map rotations. -ze_deadcore_s6 -ze_Genso_Of_Last_b2 -ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_0 -ze_grau_s2 -ze_mist_v1_3 -ze_stalker_ultimate_v2_3 -ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix3 This doesnt cover all the maps that are not in server, these are just the maps that would be fun to play with a low count of players or will attract some amount of players to the server (I dont have any strippers ).
  3. ZER0

    Some pretty cool music from ze maps: From ze deadcore D stage laser segment from ze grau lvl 3 after boss fight
  4. ZER0

    @Calig ummm...ze_slender, november 4rd . Is this some sort of running gag
  5. ZER0

    Last time ze slender was really successful with a lot of people in server (i think it was 45-50+?) , its worth a try this year as well.
  6. ZER0

    We havent gone the way of pF just yet. Or we may be more dead than pF
  7. ZER0

    This is why i dont like most forum gaymes.
  8. ZER0

    Damn, congratz my dude. Wish you success and happiness in your marriage!
  9. ZER0

    @Sinagrida please stop reminding me of this when playing some ze. Keeps getting stuck in my head everytime.
  10. @VaNsTeR ex2 is outdated, ex3 hellz the new shit, solo ex3 is what all the kool kids are after. tbh ex3 solos arent even really special, its much easier than ex2 when you can 100% jump all the lasers in the safe spot, most people just arent aware of this yet. iLoVeMaKoAndWestersanD : i have the most solos in all ff maps i m the best just look my screenshoots . iLoVeMaKoAndWesteranD: team wins doesnt count delete your screenshoot its easy shit and boring look my newest tyranni solo iLoVeMaKoAndWestersanD : i prooved that i m the best with all my solos . iLoVeMaKoAndWestersanD: i shoot but i calculate when its good for my next solo win you retard no need to win a boring team win
  11. Why does everyone want mako?
  12. Hoping for some old eufrag pirates time.
  13. ZER0

    Yeah sure. Whatever floats your boat.
  14. ZER0

    There is also new wanderers that we could try, it just came out and ive given it a shot, its really neat. Eventhough it requires a leader and tryharding, i strongly suggest we check this one out. ze_FFXIV_Wanderers_Palace_v5_2s
  15. ZER0

    So i guess this can be broken down into: •FF map marathon (special kickers: sonaki settings and only last stages or insane on all wester v8 stages) •Minecraft marathon (special kickers: spawn in crowd and fail nades in v1_1) •Pirates marathon (special kickers: only smg +fail nades on v3_6) •Paranoid and its previous clones also mountain and bbo (mountain seems to be developed along the same idea as paranoid so pretty simillar if you ask me) •Least played/new maps which include: -Saddongs maps -Boss battle based ones; frozentemple, grau, chroma and mist -ze_shaurma (not really new) -santa -harry (sort of unfamilliar and if we settle for this i think it would be good idea to only do extreme stages or do fast mode (stage 1, 2, 11 and 12)) -stalker (again its sort of unfamilliar because people dont really know how the map works) •Older maps/familiar ones: -skyrim -predator -tyranny -fap -sandstorm -lotr (moria, helms deep, mount doom, minas and isengard) -serpentis -shroom 1,2 and 3
  16. ZER0

    Minecraft adventure is a good map, people just dont know how to do the triggers and we end up playing the same stage over and over again, thats why it ends up bieng a pain the ass to play it, recently ive gotten the chance to beat the map after a couple of years. I realised it wasnt as bad as people say it is. Yeah its minecraft, but that doesnt mean its a bad map.