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  1. what say the other admins for take member in ZH ?

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    2. N3ON47


      This just proves you have no place in zh. I believe you have sealed your fate regarding joining the clan my friend. :kermit:

    3. Hichem
    4. -<SAXI>-
  2. so... you add zprops?
  3. ......so guys do you want add zpropos?... zpropos good thing for humans and bad for zombies i say add it zpropos is a good thing
  4. happy  birthday :LOLO::troll_happy::LOLO::balloon::balloon::partypopper::partypopper::balloon::balloon::kermit:

  5. happy birthday XXitachi:partypopper::partypopper::partypopper::balloon::balloon::balloon::LOLO::LOLO::LOLO::KappaPride::kermit::LOLO:

  6. I admit I've been cheating I'm so sorry do you give me a second chance? plz sorry and plz give me hapy in this new year steam ID: 0:0:1884893237
  7. help me hichem in the unban

    1. Hichem


      As I told you, please calm down and be patient until the moderators will decide about your case.

  8. name: zombie killer steamID:1884893237 server: cs.frag.com zombie mod fast dl..... admin: CONSOLE what happened: When I was playing in a map I forgot its name I discovered a secret place and from there I got a list that says you are banned I have written to you sorry for my cheat because I have been cursed that the ban is only cheated Please help me
  9. thank you very math hichem♥♥♥:cheerful::cheerful::cheerful::heart:

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    hi guys i am arabic from algeria who want be my friend i am good playing in zombie mod

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