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  1. It was nice knifing the boats without being noticed, and punished for it °͜ʖ°
  2. is this bitch still alive?!

    1. Geri


      Yes baby

    2. Calig


      Kill it before it lays eggs :kappa: #NoHardFeelings

    3. XoOM =D

      XoOM =D

      Last man Standing xDD 


  3. Can't beat HP probook anyways..
  4. Celebrating that one exam is done. Now only the hardest ones are left  ͜°ʖ°



    1. DeMoN


      Good luck bro :)

  5. I want member tag so it will be easier for people to see what I write in chat linny
  6. art

  7. Fucking machooooo 

  9. question, lady THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!
  10. I would take 50.000€ and stop playing. Question: coffee or tea for breakfest?
  11. Answer: A bloody wanker. Question: Would you rather give up your phone the rest of your life, or the PC/laptop for the rest of your life? WHY?!
  12. Answer: What's GPC? Question: Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?
  13. +1