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  1. Stop talking. Do it and post your screenshot. Easy to say whatever. Do it and then speak guys.
  2. Those who are in love, commited, engaged and married guys wont do it, only singles can do it xD
  3. Wow hidden awesome.
  4. Wow all maps looks cool👌, I like Natalya ship very much. Looking forward to play if they add 🤞
  5. Why slap demon., you have superpower gravity..
  6. Finally 😊😊😊
  7. Never mess with girls 😁😆😜
  8. I hate zm_unpanic_v2 demon..
  9. My fav song 😊
  10. It would be a great idea. As the players will find something new and interesting. As I was new to the game, I am excited to see how it works. Please add asap.

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