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  1. you are my best friend i recognize you with cs I love you ♥♥♥

  2. Happieeeeeeee bday..

  3. Approved

    Ya I think so vanster. In your demo while he is doing second round bhop 5th and 6th is fail jump. In script you can't fail a jump. I was in game at that time. Three admins watching. And already you warned him to off bhop script. And he is aware all admins are in spec, But he still using the script. Omg this is no sense at all. He is one of the top 15 players in zm and 18 days connection time, also he plays in all other servers too. What are you blind these many days. And suddenly he started using script. Wow write a story for a movie. Actually I tell u guys what happened. Ayham suspected that *******(I don't want to mention that player name) is using script. And ayham asked me how to record demo. And I explained him. And ayham recorded it. Suddenly vanster came from nowhere at that moment the player using script left the game"he was told to do so" after a while he rejoined idk when that was. Important point " that player is paid VIP". They were simply watching ayham and banned him for using bhop script. 5000 hours gameplay nice script story writting well executed vanster. Just use simple common sense. A scripter won't complain about another scripter. Because both will get banned. And he won't use script even though he was warned already. None is dumb out there. And i have proof that he wants to complain about other scripter and I attached it. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1AOg2H4eiJDM5qbxDgGc2SCcBbHQbxbTv A scripter won't ask for help to record demo of other scripter and scold the other scripter openly in game. I feel really ashamed. Keep telling whatever you want keep writting. Everyone in game know what happened there. I don't care whoever believes me or not. But this will happen to you or your friends too. Keep banning innocent people like this use your power. Actually ayham you posted here in wrong section. This is completely called as admin abuse. You have to post it there. You dont need to request here. It's not your fault. A pro bhopper is called scripter here. Fascinating
  4. Happieeeee bday 💐

    1. VaNsTeR



  5. Happieeeeee bday saxi 💐

  6. Stop talking. Do it and post your screenshot. Easy to say whatever. Do it and then speak guys.
  7. Those who are in love, commited, engaged and married guys wont do it, only singles can do it xD
  8. Wow hidden awesome.
  9. Wow all maps looks cool👌, I like Natalya ship very much. Looking forward to play if they add 🤞
  10. Why slap demon., you have superpower gravity..
  11. Finally 😊😊😊
  12. Never mess with girls 😁😆😜
  13. I hate zm_unpanic_v2 demon..
  14. My fav song 😊

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