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  1. well be there if i can i want vip even if i rarely enter the server
  2. gud idea but about steam only nope
  3. for this other forums have community managers ............. its not world war 3
  4. what about Ze_dreamin ?
  5. hi guys first with no racism (really) maxemor dont start harassim my idea is csfrag already mad csgo servers but they are not popular so if you made some servers for nosteam it can be a good move ofcourse majority of csgo nosteamers are russian but u know the nosteam ze servers are not popular but u can atleast havin fun with 20 players and 30/40 in events i dont think csfrag ze would be popular cuz all of them are on gfl 24/7 full server with new maps so take my idea seriously pliz
  6. ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_b6 we made it before but that wasnt that fun ..
  7. solo yolo epic cs fag

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