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  1. Name: Coolboy SteamID:   STEAM_0:0:1133265077 Server:     ze Reason: He is always disconnecting when he is the only zombie and not just in ze in zm too Proof: https://imgur.com/ZSflE1n
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    @abdellatif so when i used the mic for like 10 seconds and literally said or did nothing in the mic you assumed i was spamming and muted me for no reason? and btw i used the mic after you joined the server i was just having fun with that guy who was making weird noises on mic
  3. Pending

    thanks for unban me vanster also in the past he had gagged me for 2 days because i said "admin stupid not banning cheater" and i think that wasnt deserved as well
  4. Pending

    Your in-game name: excision Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:95980168 Admin name and Steam ID: abdellatif STEAM_1:1:7152082 In which server it happened: zm Time of incident (include time-zone): 2.16.2018 Your side of the story: I was playing in zm and used my mic for like 10 seconds and said nothing then abdel came with a different name and muted me for no reason and said i was spamming and i said wtf admin? And then he banned me for 2 hours for insulting admin?? Demo/Video evidence:
  5. I like that yoi made the props being destroyed by zombies update its great for zombies now they have a chance ans for zprops it can be the same knife hits as default props so zombies can destroy zprops too
  6. zombies can break props by knifing it
  7. Hi i have a suggestion for improving zm server, add zprops in the server so humans can make good places with it and a lot of servers has it
  8. map name : zm_lila_panic_371 download : https://www.17buddies.rocks/17b2/View/Map/88035/zm_lila_panic_371.html Please add this map in cs-frag zombie mod server its a good map with good spots and a lot of secrets
  9. yes please add the map
  10. Can't we edit it out and put in the server? and anyway this map is old so chances are the server isn't up anymore
  11. how is it promoting other server?
  12. Hey all Admins I am suggesting a new zm map since we haven't got one for a very long time, The map name is zm_16chambres and like the name says it has 16 rooms in the map and there are a lot of good places in the map and a few secrets as well, please Admins add this map in the zombie mod server. Link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/167663
  13. Name: Nightmare_<Condor> SteamID:   STEAM_0:1:13828783 Server:     ze Reason: Always item trolling when admins aren't online Proof: http://rgho.st/6msnGtCH6
  14. "If you have no-steam version of the steam" LOL what does that even mean
  15. Pending

    Name: Terminator SteamID:   STEAM_0:0:243676419 Server:     ZM Reason: This guy is the biggest troll in the server, he's always blocking me and my friends view so they cannot shoot zombies and die, i have 2 demos where you can see in the first one he gets slayed by abdellatif then banned, 2 days later in second demo he keeps going with his trolling blocking everyone from shooting zombies Proof: http://rgho.st/8cjzcYWZ6

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