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  1. Hi Fouzy, give me vip xD

    1. Fouzy


      Hi! You must donate or win an event! :PogChamp:

    2. Harry


      Wow the event? Can you throw off a link to it?

    3. Fouzy
  2. Approved

    Good luck my friend
  3. ZE_greencity is a good map with hard def, we played it many times 2 years ago. Can you add it please?
  4. For the macros, it's not allowed. type !rules and see... Yesterday you was between 20 and 30 jumps in one jump. Some players have get 1 month ban for this... Try to bhop legit... I hate ban the good guys like you and tony.
  5. Pending

    It's not an abuse theracord, you have troll me with c4 2 times in 2 rounds. why you don't show your 2 troll in your video? Mountain escape is not a troll map and i don't spend my time at troll you or any players and still less some admins with c4 or helicopter... The troll is cancer and i'm here for stop the trollers.
  6. Approved

    when i have the money for buy a new pc, i get my old pc at my son, and i have already a second game for him.
  7. Approved

    css is not fun without a little songs.... just no abuse it.... and when my son will play... he will dont use the admin menu... and my son, i have him only 1/2 weekends....
  8. Rejected

    A good guy. A friend
  9. Approved

    A good French Friend
  10. Approved

    In-Game name: Fouzy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10901582 Native language: French Country: France Age: 36 Which server are you applying for? Zombie Escape Do you have any experience of being admin before? No i have never been admin but there is a start to everything... When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours? I have start CSS in 2006 and it's the better game in the world actually even if it is an old game like me xD My steam profile records 8629 hours. Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? Never banned. Why should we exactly pick you? 2 years ago that it is my preferred server, i am the most active player on the server, i can play more than 14 hours in a day when i have no job. I am the first to defend the team so that it wins. When i'm a zm i make my job i don't !spec like a noob... I will not mention names but many will recognize... I would like to be admin for the server to be better at the deco reco, !spec when zm, insults, item trolls, and kids who spam the mic often in another language... I would put a beacon on me for lead the team not to let the team stay behind me and get killed when too many noobs... Once all this shit is removed the server will gain in attractiveness and win more players because this server hold me to heart and it is the best server of css. I really want to be part of your great team. I hope that my application will be accepted. Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. Us admins make a good job but they can not be the all the time and often when I play there are no admins and it's the jungle.
  11. Approved

    In-Game Name: Fouzy Country: France Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10901582 Favorite server(s) of ours: ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE ZE and sometime MG
  12. Rango will make an other video on theses days i wait it
  13. Hi guys !!!!! Rango has make a very good video on port royal and dangerous water. See it end enjoy. See you soon in my crosshair