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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. so no more zh ?

    1. -<SAXI>-


      ZH forever !

    2. ibrahim


      1 - I played more than 4 years but got the loss
      I have a talent in playing
      3 - I have a lot of friends including admins and zh
      4 - <3 saxi <3 I know your heart is white and love the good people I read all questions useful to understand my brother
      5. I used to play before distributing zh

      6- Please do zh. Please, my brother.. i'm very tired
      I swear

      I hope you understand me.....
      And peace :)

  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday bro ! 

    1. SYED


      Thank you so much BOSS :angel:

  5. -<SAXI>-

    Congratulations to you
  6. Happy birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy Bithday.

    1. Harue



  9. Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy birthday.

    1. Resh


      Thanks man! I still remember your kindness when you gave me CS:S as a gift.


      #R E S P E C T | SAXI





      P.S: sorry for being inactive though ^_^


    2. -<SAXI>-


      Thank you Resh, hope to see you return someday! Take care mate

  11. I can like some of them but race car and dance floor makes me think "What happened to Counter Strike" I'm looking forward to the 16!
  12. -<SAXI>-


    Well just so you know, any sort of cheat will lead to Permban. And we always find out I take your words for it, but it's Neon's Call to make the decision. 1+ From me.
  13. -<SAXI>-


    Again? So what your saying is that you don't learn?