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    I can see you have many ban's. disconnecting to avoid Reconnecting to avoid death Being zombie on purpose Fake your ping. I don't know you, but if you was given one more chance would you waist it? Or just enjoy playing the game like you should? This is up to the owners, but 1,5 year laiter you must have learned. If you get unbanned just know you will be insta banned again if you keep doing what you did. 1+ Saxi.
  2. I needed this 12 days so bad
  3. tho it looks very simple i still kind of like that profile backround of yours


    1. -<SAXI>-


      Thanks Van ;)

  4. Blame Calig I agree on this, we should have "ping kicker" if it's not to hard to make! Saxi.
  5. Happy bday !!!

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      Thank you Boss! Glad to be in ur clan! ;)

  6. Happy bday 

  7. Thank you!
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  9. Happy bday!

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    This will all be up to the owner to decide. But i still think you should have a ban after what you said in the chat box. If they are nice and lift your permban to a ban, this mean's you will get a second chance "Don't waist it" and behave in our servers. All players should feel welcome to Cs-frag and we have absolutely no place for racists! There will be no tolerance for you if you do anything like it again. And just so you know, According to the FBI, 94 percent of terrorist attacks carried out inside the United States from 1980 to 2005 have been by non-Muslims. Keyword: Non-Muslims. Looking overseas, less than 2 percent of terrorist attacks carried out in Europe in the past five years have been by Muslims. If this miniscule percentage isn’t calming enough for you, I can present better. From 9/11 to the end of 2015, less than 0.0002 percent of Americans killed were killed by Muslims. No matter where you look, every single statistic will scream to you that there is absolutely no valid association between the over 1.6 billion peaceful Muslims in the world and the terror committed by those who hijack our religion. Enough said Love Saxi.
  11. I'm used to 14" so no problem for me ^^)
  12. Thought i should share my new Laptop with those who are interested 😁 i prefer laptop because i'm much traveling and i like to bring my gaming world with me 😎 Price *censored* 😅 This PC will keep me going for some years! Tell me what you think? Love Saxi. Acer Predator G9-593-73PK 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor (Up to 3.5GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM 15.6" Full HD IPS display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology 256GB SSD in RAID 0 configuration & 1TB 7200RPM HDD Predator FrostCore Technolog Designed for those with a need to speed, the Predator 15 gaming notebook combines powerful 6th Gen Intel Core processor with high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics driven by the new NVIDIA Pascal architecture that is VR Ready and a 15.6” Full HD display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. Advanced cooling and stellar audio capabilities support intense gaming sessions while the sporting red accents and black chassis with geometric lines adds to the drama. Keep Cool Inject some Cooler Master cold to keep heat down and performance up. Swap in Predator FrostCore for intense gaming sessions. Killer DoubleShot Pro Ethernet and Wi-Fi to work together for the ultimate high speed attack. Choose which applications use bandwidth for one of the best possible experiences. Programmable RGB Backlit Keyboard Predator ProZone Keyboard features superb accuracy, four customizable backlight zones and programmable macro profiles. Predator Dust Defender Keep your new rig nice and clean with Predator Dust Defender. Alternating airflow directions help stop dust from building up and maintain a cool temperature. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series Leap into action with NVIDIA’s new flagship GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics with 8GB of GDDR5 Video Memory, one of the most advanced gaming graphics created. VR Ready This ultimate gaming platform is VR ready, just plug in a VR headset and step into a new world. Powerful Audio Acer pushes the limits of in-game audio with Predator SoundPound, a combination of stellar audio features including two speakers; one subwoofer and Dolby Audio surround sound. PredatorSense The PredatorSense gaming control panel provides customization and control of gaming features, including macro programmable keys for up to 15 in-game shortcuts and adjustable lighting controls.
  13. I smell permban