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    Let's wait to see what Vanster have to say about his behave. @VaNsTeR
  2. Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Brother :heart:

    1. Ismail lilou

      Ismail lilou

      Thank you very much ;) <3 


  7. You have banned this guy 2 times for the same Fouzy. Your the Admin on the ze, so i will let you deal with this.
  8. I really miss the G9 lazer mouse https://www.eventus.si/en/i_1974_miska-logitech-g9-laser-mouse-odprta-embalaza Best mouse i ever had..
  9. I know we have said no before. But i guess we can give this map a try, we can just easy remove the map again if the players don't like it. Higher up Admin's who don't even play zm mode no more ,don't even say no. We have maps that's much worse than this, so let's test it. 1+ for Saxi.
  10. Pending

    Abdul, Thank you for your report. This guy never learns even after all his ban's. There is a big communication problem with this one, he doesn't understand English at all. He enjoy playing on our server, shame he will be perm banned in the end because of something this stupid. But anyway rules is the same for everyone, and it's not our responsibility if people doesn't speak English, after all this is EU servers. Topic solved, Topic closed. Saxi.
  11. Happy Birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday  !

  13. Happy Birthday.

  14. Happy Birthday

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