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  1. Hppy Brthday kek

  2. Well, Happy Birthday, Hichem! Wish you health, happiness and all the best! ;)

    1. Hichem


      Thank you hidden :)

  3. h1dden

    This is blyatiful buddy! It looks simple but amazing in same time. I think you should to continue to make such videos. Frag movies (like this one) is looking nice if carefully edit them. In simple put, continue blyat!
  4. h1dden

    IMHO, not bad Future House composition
  5. Happy birthday mate! :pepeD:

    1. SYED


      Thank you mate! :FeelsAmazingMan:

  6. h1dden

    P.S. sry for the quality of the image
  7. h1dden

    So sad situation w/ csgo servers T_T And ye, I personally agree with fact that css servers need some fixes. At zm especially maps kek. Maps - big problem. Half of them not playable or bugged in some places. It's a fact. And also some more little things. I don't know how is it going on other servers, so i can describe a current situation at zm only : P Well, about in-forum things. I totally agree. Cuz "member" tag in game will look like a something really cool. Like an achievement. And,also, I described it in google form, but we really need to find a way how to promote CS-Frag. If smth I guess members ready to help (me especially :lenny:) (perhaps it's useless message lel) With respect, h1dden
  8. h1dden

    Dude, it's awesome. Congratulations! Indeed this is very important step in life. I wish you a long years of happiness and health!
  9. h1dden


    seems legit
  10. h1dden

    I guess not many ppl here (at least whom i know) play KF2 so we can only hope for such stuff. . . . or not?
  11. h1dden

    Calig is right, usual stuff, hah. Did anyone watch? Especially at 4 min it becomes so hot
  12. Hey, Ayham! Happy Birthday mate! :pepeD:

    1. A Y H A M

      A Y H A M

      Thank you  bro:w00t: