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  1. Happy b-day, little boy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Wish ur parents more patience. And enough naughty! 

  2. Happy b-day, old man (128 years) :D 

    1. Ach-tn

      VIP User Ach-tn

      thx bro  28 years only xd

  3. old but gold
  4. Hm, who told you that? Currency should not affect the balance. - Golden rule
  5. Approved

    So, good luck, musti
  6. It's a pity Ah, I remember those good times when I spent a lot of time there, everything developed to level 1000 and it was just fun. I still remember the atmosphere that could not be felt on any other surf server. I remember some of the players I played with there: Parly, Duffy Duck, Yassin, brian and others. R.I.P.
  7. HHHHHHappy Birthday, Hichem! :D:D

    1. Hichem


      Thank you hidden :heart:

  8. Approved

    kk, i understood
  9. Approved

    Support you. PS I think we need admins with the ownership of the Russian language (English of course too). Because on the servers a lot of Russian players. And if one of them breaks the rules or something like that the warning in English mean nothing to them. I don't mean myself, just need to keep in mind.
  10. Personally I have no problems with this skin. Just need to aim slightly above the model's head. As for me, even easier to aim on that zm. More practice.
  11. Big support theracord. It's really impossible to endure! If there is a ping kicker then It is possible to decrease online, but it will be more qualitative and there will be less bad feelings.
  12. :balloon::partypopper:HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYED! BEST REGARDS AND GOOD LUCK!:D:partypopper:

    1. SYED

      VIP User SYED

      Thanks mate ^_^


  14. Declined

    U did it Good luck, Abderrahim
  15. now this is one of my favorite songs P.S. welcome to zm