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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. Mako you faggot
  3. Yes admin. I like your word.
  4. DON'T add Zprops back in zombie mod. It was a good choice to remove them. We used to have them for a certain time back a few years ago I think, and it was extremely unbalanced because humans would always summon dryers to cover up entrances and it was impossible for zombies to enter. It was especially bad for maps like zm_battleforce_panic, zm_hook and others
  5. Look at the screenshots in the gamebanana download page: you can see it shows the logo and name of another community
  6. Best bet you can ever have
  7. Happy B-Day Abody, have a good one!

  8. Good updates and Calig good luck with your service. Excited for the CS:GO server!
  9. Happy B-Day, have a good one.

  10. Χρόνια Πολλά 

  11. Not every weekend, but most of the time we do organize events, where there's a poll for people to vote for the maps they actually want.
  12. Approved

    Total noob. Make him admin tho.
  13. Christmas Mako? No? Ok.
  14. Happy birthday Caliggi, I wish the best for you and your life! :D :heart:

  15. Rejected

    You literally copied the text from my admin application.

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