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  1. Denied

    What you gonna say about your hack? you were also using an aimbot cheat, if you want to have another chance be honest with us first of all.
  2. what fuck that you add players csgo live to the zh clan!!?? and you don't add your friend:cwy::why_u_no:


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    2. the noob

      the noob

      and i don't cry just i like this face :cwy:


    3. -<SAXI>-


      The Clan have an age limit of 16years by the way. So there is no point asking Hichem. 


    4. the noob
  3. hello hichem my old friend how are you? can you add me in ZH clan plz?

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    2. abdellatif


      Do u understand english ? He said its full + Don't post topics about a private clans

    3. N3ON47


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. the noob
  4. Pending

    +1 for banning Vanster
  5. hey i cant get in game help please



  6. Happy Birthday neon :P

    1. N3ON47


      Thank you my friend. :kermit:

  7. Pending

    Just to correct your words above... besides we had confirmed you are always claiming yourself as a victim.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. I can follow you to you

  10. Pending

    I wonder why you wanna unmute request while you don't use the mic for talking, I have never heard your voice on the mic before nor one word even just you are spamming the sounds the whole time. Anyways you have got too many warnings by the admins previously while you were ignoring us most of the time and total of mutes/gags absolutely the time will be extended if you were wondering for that.
  11. Happy B'Day! :partypopper:

  12. Rejected

    Emm where did you get these words from?, I still remember each character of my admin application, why did you steal it

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