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  1. Happy Bday! :) 

  2. Not a bad Chicken Dinner Solo-SQUAD.



  3. Happy B'Day! :) 

  4. Happy Birthday :partypopper:

  5. Happy Birthday :balloon:

  6. happy birthday :)

  7. Just a experiment.

    Just click the video title for more info.
  8. solved

    Ban Hammer strikes again!
  9. solved

    I do noticed that Arabian King KILLER insist with knife battles only and he rage if itsn't.
  10. How to install weapon skins in a tidy and simple steps:


    1. Extract the content of the skin in your Desktop and make a folder.




    2. And put all the files in the folder you created.




    3. Go to your Counter Strike: Source folder and double click "bin" folder.




    4. And find the "vpk.exe" application.




    5. And simply drag your skin folder to vpk.exe and it should do its work.




    6. And a vpk file appears into your desktop and which means it is a success.




    7. And now you will drag the vpk file in to your "custom" folder.




    And now the file works the same as the old method and this process is very tidy and you don't have to make any more work to uninstall a skin. Enjoy!

  11. Useless Fact:


    Go to your CS:S folder.



    All those files are someone's spray logoes saved by the game when you go play online servers.


    To open the spray, use GCFScape to preview the image.



  12. I got my other "gaming" mouses at my house but I don't have them at my fiance's apartment so here we go: Yep, this is my legit mouse that I'm using this time
  13. You might post awesome/legit wins next time :v
  14. That's awesome

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