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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

    1. Hichem


      Thank you akhi ^^

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    Sometimes admin do that to make the situation funny and it looks different to someone. Im sure it wasn't his attention to have a personal advantage. Nevertheless @Hichem and every other admin (including me) we should be carefull with things like that and avoid it, because to others it does not always look as we intended. @eXcisioN... Thank you for this report. And I hope you and Hichem will keep enjoying our servers as usual.
  3. Pending

    Thanks for helping us to keep the servers clean No mic nor chat for him anymore due to his number of mutes.
  4. Pending

    Thanks for reporting him! Zero tollerance for such a behavior from me.! He has been gagged for a week. Let's see after that.
  5. Yes and no. They can adjust to stay on the server if we have a HighPingKicker plugin installed. Or they can use a program to trick the plugin. In the other hand not everyone knows about how to fake their own ping. And that might be helpfull. It's also a matter of efficiency. Do we really have so many highpinglers on our server? But I can understand you here!
  6. Correct me if Im wrong but what else is a Pingfaker for? In case you have a Pingkicker on your server... you only have to use a Pingfaker to access the server. Maybe playing with cl_cmdrate is still possible. So that would work too.
  7. There are Ping Faker programs out there and many people use them to join servers with only low ping access. So long knifes and laggin' keeps goin'
  8. Hey Bro... Nice to have you back! There are not all of the maps but at least some: https://mega.nz/#F!G84TyChD!3R5sndzUp3OqwN8s5zVXfg Enjoy
  9. Happy Birthday ;)

    1. SYED

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      Thank you bro :lol:

  10. Happy Birthday ;)

  11. Happy B-Day Grandpa ;)

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    You was mad and said that because of the other guys playing? I told you Im an admin/owner and it was a convo between you and me and you said: "how u can put a salafist as admin" "I FUCK THE SUNNAH!" "fuck islam" And I saw a lot of other bad stuff you have said in the past. All the other things you said against me. I was trying to stop you from going further. Then I gagged you for a map. Hoping you will learn. After this you posted the IP. @-<SAXI>-already mentioned a lot of things wich I agree and I only wanted to put one thing behind that: CS-Frag is and always was a place for everyone. With everyone we mean also their faiths. Even if someone does not believe in anything. We tollerate that and don't insult anyone cuz of their believings. If someone don't like another opinion he can simply ignore it. I would have done the same if it was another religion you were talking about or even not a religion. The same with beeing against another race. And Im proud of the level of tolerance CS-Frag is showing. I will unban you and even renounce a permgag. Please tolerate other people too. We are 7 billion people on the surface of this planet and not everyone can believe the same as me or as you. And also do not post any IPs not URLs. I will watch you for a while. Enjoy playing on our server
  13. Approved

    Welcome Rudy Nice to have you here!
  14. Happy B-Day ;)