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  1. Solved

    Your ban was because you used wall item to kill your teammates in pirates map .. I was there and saw it so .. You totally deserved this one week eban .. And as i remember you didn't even defend yourself at that time when I banned you because you knew what you have done. You should know that trolling items / team killing is not a funny thing when your teammates are trying hard to win . Anyway since your restriction will expire soon and i was talking with you about it ingame I will give you another chance . But remember trolling items may lead to a permanent restriction so be carefull next time when you are using items .
  2. Approved

    +1 the most active player we play together alot A good and a nice player but sometimes he gets angry and rage he will be a good admin As i played with both ( the father and the son ) alot .. i can say there is no porblem at all .. I trust his son . he act like a grown-up .. but still it is better if he got his own steam id good luck fouzy
  3. Approved

    +1 nice and active palyer .. will be a good admin
  4. Rejected

    +1 active player and a good person good luck
  5. happy birthday :)


  6. happy birthday :)

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      Thank you abody ^_^

  7. happy birthday :)

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      XoOM =D

      Thanks abody ^^ 

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      thank you abody

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  11. happy birthday :)

  12. my suggetions : 1-ze_roof_adventure_v5s cs:go map 8 lvls ( 4 normal lvls + 4 extra lvls) hard boss in lvl extreme 2- ze_sandstorm_f 3- ze_fapescape_v1_2 without items (only heal allowed) 4- ze_pirates_port_royal_v3_6 without items (only heal allowed)
  13. tony since you didn't explain what happened and didn't even defend your self or give a reason why you should be ungagged I will not talk about this gag in particular because it doesn't matter . Yes we can ungag you now . But for what ! You will get another gag a few days later . so let's talk about your attitude . You already got so many gags in the both servers zm and ze and by many admins . so your problem is not with one admin here or not even with the admins of this community because you also have many gags on other servers and communities as I have been told by some admins there. You really should stop spamming the same thing every time . for example begging to join a clan or to get vip or anything else. spamming on chat won't get you anywhere . to join a clan there are some requirements you should meet . it's simple you can just send a private message to the clan's owner explaining that you want to join the clan and you are a good player and you will be loyal for the clan for example . he will accept you if you meet his requirements. there is no point of spamming this on the chat . you will only get the admins be upset with you . especially if they told you to stop spamming but you didn't listen. It is disrespectful to ignore what admin say to you. And if you get rejected of joining a clan or something else you should accept this . begging will not change anything. You always can try again later. For now I want you to apologize to saxi for whatever happened between you . He is an admin here and you should show him some respect. Another thing ..bro you should really pick a name Tony montana is the name for another ze player . I want to know what should I call you .. it should be a unique name . Just for you.
  14. happy birthday ^_^

    1. solimanesoli


      think's but i wan tell you this is no't real my b-day i am 16

      but think's  you

  15. dreamin event win

    ze_dreamin_v1_8s event win 11/6/2017