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  1. now that u stated i have been ignorant of my skin files all i have done is copy and paste im gonna delete all and re add one by one again and make sure not to mix offline files in the folder and also those unrelated texture files and see how it works. since im on non steam im gonna have to do some research before i make changes to my css thanks a lot for pointing out the importance of "online and "offline" categories i have been stressing over this
  2. can someone help me out with this what part to remove that related to "recoil scripts" without deleting my all custom skins? thanks in advance
  3. UnBanned

    You are right gamebanana says custom skins have custom renewed recoil and spread patterns.
  4. UnBanned

    Yes i have custim skins for sg550,m4 m3 tmp deagle and usp and i also get server is enforcing simple material everytime i join the server after closing the game and rejoinin works
  5. UnBanned

    but i dont have aimbot. im sure you guys can analyze my aim pattern from inspections and see if actually im using aimbot.
  6. Name: Acid™ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:371826570 Server: Zombie mod Admin: console What happened: so i was playing in zm_hide_and_seek_v2 under a table which looks as as a small tunnel and i kept jumping so i can quick peek zombies around and kept shooting suddenly got console banned I think this may be a mistake because I have never installed any kind of scripts. also i have the same ban for ping faking i was lagging and my ping was 190+ maybe instead of kicking me it banned me please look into this cuz i just got unbanned a week ago and i have been playing fine.
  7. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you mate :)

  8. There is actually a plugin to kick people who ping mask. After they correct their pingmasking they will be kicked again for high ping hah
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    Name: Acid™ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:371826570 Server: Zombie mod Admin: cf|admin jamnass What happened: this happened a year and a half ago i was defending in a tight narrow space with few other members including jamnass in a common defending spot i couldn't move so i got stabbed i cant quit the game either cuz ill get banned for avoiding death which i already have a ban for so i cant risk another cant jump ahead and stray away cuz ill be banned for zombie on purpose again which i already have a ban for. it was a honest mistake. i'm not a edger.
  10. Happy Birthday ;)

  11. Happy birthday :)

  12. Your In-Game name: Acid Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:371826570 Country: Ceylon Favorite server(s) of ours: Zombie Mod, Zombie Escape
  13. salam --Ghost-- Thanks for quoting ((: I have no Quarrel with Founders and Admins on this server i gotta admit you guys are real good,professional ,has a good sense of humor and mature and knows what you are doing except a few. Lets just pretend its me who was playing what would happen? would there be even a reasoning? i bet my competitive players Exodus,jamnass or Ghost rider would ban me straight away considering these facts what i see on this demo mischief, leaving defending position risking mates, trolling zombies, sympathizing, Z on purpose, team kill? rank whore? But lets face it its ban for me for the statement "I wanted to be zombie," itself.
  14. Sounds like an excuse to me. you cant sympathize zombies and you cant go all zombie on purpose, that ruins other players fun. and i haven't uploaded it before because on the last forum i didn't know how to report admins and didnt have the proper tools and i have been inactive on servers for 6 months.