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  1. Deadview

    kys and continue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Deadview

    Prolly cuz you didnt do anything you mongoloid
  3. Deadview

    Cant wait for monster kf2 versus Rest isn't worth it IMO with the exception of serpentis
  4. Deadview

    2018 now close the fucking topic
  5. Deadview

    2018 and still no porn here shame
  6. Deadview

    Congratulations man
  7. Deadview

    Usually dont listen to fatrat cuz his work is shit, but thi song wasn't bad. Also max nice song good ol' Zardonic to the rescue
  8. Deadview

    Sicne many of us here play Killing Floor 2, why not in the near future host an event? Using this mutator, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675314991,will allow the server to welcome more than six players, and with this being said i was thinking that maybe 10-15 of us squad up and play custom maps basically dicking around with the game. Just a heads up , the more players that are present the more difficult will it be to play, zeds will have abnormal amounts of health, as well as bosses, and more zeds will spawn in general meaning we'd have to play on Hard or if we can manage Suicidal difficulty. https://www.moddb.com/games/killing-floor-2/addons/kf-containment-station-objective-mode Maybe try beating this map
  9. Deadview

    Solo male category i bet
  10. Deadview

    US-East (Virginia)165 ms US East (Ohio)136 ms US-West (California)182 ms US-West (Oregon)180 ms Canada (Central)128 ms Europe (Ireland)64 ms Europe (London)64 ms Europe (Frankfurt)40 ms Europe (Paris)49 ms Asia Pacific (Mumbai)297 ms Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)314 ms Asia Pacific (Seoul)276 ms Asia Pacific (Singapore)182 ms Asia Pacific (Sydney)396 ms Asia Pacific (Tokyo)250 ms South America (São Paulo)223 ms China (Beijing)209 ms China (Ningxia)377 ms AWS GovCloud (US)174 ms
  11. Deadview

    Strange cuz it seems when i knife it's much further away, and when i get knifed it feels like he pulls me into his knife range. Oh and regarding the blood coming out of players, happend to me today, i thought it was total bullshit since i was practically in his face.