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  1. It was poorly executed, despite that it was fun i agree
  2. Open a jailbreak server and reskin terrorists into *****
  3. Pending

    Camping nigger
  4. Go away again pls
  5. https://ibb.co/muQMTy Actually pretty awesome thanks
  6. I'd like to request that you make a 720x1280 wallpaper in hd. Theme it around hemoglobin and dna
  7. This song is for a mg map
  8. Better than css zombie mod definitly
  9. No one cares m8 tbh. On the contrary a good zombie game is No More Room in Hell. If you like realism, zombies, surviving, actually working with a team then this is a game for you I strongly reccomend playing with 2-3 friends for a more immerse expirience
  10. Bait status: hooked
  11. A bit of edm wont hurt
  12. There are those 2005 shitty star war games that dont have high requirements to run
  13. Im pretty sure he isn't using VGA...

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