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  1. Cant wait to not play zm events
  2. Happy birthday slavemolester69

    1. VaNsTeR


      top kek name :D Thanks deadview

  3. Rejected

    In-Game name: Deadview Steam ID: (e.g STEAM_0:0:12312300) STEAM_0:0:75062903 Native language: Croatian Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Age: 18 Which server are you applying for? (Zombie Escape or SurF RPG) Zombie mod Do you have any experience of being admin before? I've been an admin in many cs 1.6 server but never in cs:s When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours? Started playing in 2015, I've played 500+ hours Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? I don't play on other communities so no. Why should we exactly pick you? (More than 100 words) Well to be completely honest you shouldn't pick me im a horrible person. I don't want to sound like the rest and be all like sunshine and rainbows, , just wanna apply to see if i will make the cut and be a part of the administration team: In any case if i somehow manage to get admin access on Zombie Mod i believe i would play cs:s more often not that it's horrible playing it now. In any case being admin would provide me with the usual duties ,example, someone reports something i'm available i can come and resolve situation. But yeah in any case thank you for reading and considering this. Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. I can pretty efficiently annoy Vanster
  4. Disturbed - Sound of Sillence

  5. It's usually a bad idea to buy prebuild pcs but cuz they are mostly overpriced, if this is what you really want check the individual prices of all the parts and compare them with this. But if your concerned about performance you'd be able to play some newer titles on medium-high graphics on 1080p with decent fps with little to no bottlenecking.
  6. This is why you should always do the repairs at home if you know what to do. Especially in the balkans pc services are just shit
  7. How does a Killing Floor 2 server sound, is it a good idea?
  8. Pat Briscoe - Drifting

  9. Approved

    I would like to see him as an admin this dude has way to much patience, where others would ban i believe kemo would actually listen instead of jumping to conclusions full support from me
  10. Sabaton - The Last Stand

    On 6 May 1527 a leaderless mercenary army, consisting of German Landsknechts as well as Spanish and Italian mercenaries, invaded the city of Rome. No sooner had the Janiculum fallen into the hands of the looters they began advancing on the Vatican Hill. On St. Peter's Square 147 (of 189) men of the Swiss Guard stood in position to protect Pope Clement VII. In the meantime the remaining 42 Swiss escorted the Pope to the Castel Sant'Angelo (using a secret escape passageway, the Passetto di Borgo) where he finally had to capitulate after a month of siege. None of the 147 Swiss survived. Even today the Swiss Guards have their swearing-in ceremony of new recruits on 6 May, in tribute of the fallen. For those uneducated cunts
  11. Yes for 1080p
  12. If you're planning to game at 1080p then it should be no problem at all.
  13. Boi. Happy birthday bhop boi ;)

  14. Downlink - Biohazard


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      Ye i was the soviet union and nuked everyone Xd

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      This game seems like a fun one.What is the name :D?


    4. Deadview


      Conquer(Osvajač) it's a lot like risiko but with more rules but with no throwing cubes and more strategy

  16. And i still find it funny
  17. Did i write it with an o?
  18. Define what "lul" means
  19. A video my friend did
  20. All i can say is : "lul".
  21. Rejected

    Can i be an admin in zm instead of surf rpg if i edit the post?