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  1. Actually vid is a pro gravity/erf troll on nide #cancerous
  2. you angry because there is not biohasard in the nomlist ?
  3. Happy Birthday Hichem !!! <3 :partypopper::partypopper:

    1. Hichem


      Merci Rump <3

  4. Script is for faggot, bhop is easy... we have actually one of the best bhop server, it's strange, i never see the good bhop players from ze server on it. For me, +15 impulse per jump should not allowed. The normal bhop with mouseweel is between 5/8 impulse per jump. I know the mouses with free spinning wheel, but i think it's not the question... it must not exceed 15 impulse per jump too. I was banned 1 month by PimpMyName the last year for to have used hyperscroll... then Exo reconsidered the ban and put me "only" 1 weeks. Tony, i banned you only 1h for that, and i warnned you like 10x... Don't use this shit :s it's not legit, there is nothing to be proud of... it is already relatively easy with mouseweel, imagine that some do it only with the space key... Finaly, it's a ze_server, if you want bhop, go bhop_server...
  5. Finnaly, good maps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) About mountain.bbo, I think we gonna beat mako and minas mod faster... but good luke for skyrime, the scene of the boss is not exactly the same thing than the real map, it's harder. It's a good chalenge ! And ze_gris is a good map, i think 2-3h will not be too
  6. Happy Bd. SYED :partypopper::partypopper::partypopper:


    1. SYED

      VIP User SYED

      Thank you Bro! :D

  7. Pending

    Rage off @theracord ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I think you have abused all the 2... end of the story... not utile to say "but they new admins suck overal"... if this were the case, others ppl would have complained...
  8. Happy Birthday fag <3

  9. Rejected

    I hope it's a joke...
  10. Good choice for serpentis <3 mako ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. gg @Calig ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Caluug You finally accepted, the server will be better than ! (the command sv_enablebhopping can be disable in the chat by an admin if need ?)
  13. good program lets's beat shroom @abody (I like the photo below with the kermit xD)
  14. Approved

    i give 1 month vip for a few person cuz i'm a alredy vip for ever here... i was donate for the server, and instead of losing them, i have offer them. you are stupid to think that next time, I wouldn't do anything... and all ppl will be vip for one week here for the 2nd anniversary...
  15. Approved

    +10, fouzy must sleep at calig xD the most active player i know. i think he will be a good admin too, and it will stop the spam, i'm sure