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  1. yup i fixed that now the (new) ssd i bought was infected and not working i replaced it with another new one and it worked fine ...
  2. i bought a used pc specs: i7 4790k 8gb ddr3 2400mhz gtx 1080 ti (new) ssd:new 120gb hdd came with it 2tb firecuda mobo: asus crosshair something price 800$ (1080ti price :600$) is it a good deal???????????????????????????????????????? also I'm having trouble installing windows in ssd (not showing up in windows setup but its showing in bios) help me?
  3. get amd ryzen...cheaper....better
  4. this gpu wasnt released at the time i wrote this so yea ......... noone should buy this now cuz its ooooolllllllllllllllllllllldddddddddddddddddd
  5. anyone looking for pc now dont this one its old i will make a new build
  6. solved

    Thx then time to move out the comunity bye
  7. solved

    Admins help aim bot in surf server waiting i will use aim bot on him so plz if i get a ban remove it
  8. Nice my custom stef xD
  9. solved

    Yeah its only 18 hours
  10. solved

    Free killer liar xD nice lie bro xD
  11. solved

    And anyway thank u imsupaman for helping me getting my steam ip i want it to add my self as admin in my server ????
  12. solved

    No problem but i do that to lvl up fast cus i dont have alot of time to play trying to play but u all know when ur father see u playing too much he will f... u up so trying
  13. solved

    Ok thats why all hate me xD
  14. @pimpmyname for a budget build why using ssd and why using samsung its expensive and slow u can get kingston ssd lower price same performance and i used this psu cus r9 380x need 2x8 power connector and for future upgrading and no need for asus or msi this motherboard is enough cus i will not crossfire or sli and i will not use more than 32 gb ram and this build can play csgo more than 200fps my potato laptop can run csgo at 100 fps and its usin an 64mb gpu so yeah