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  1. Military service

  2. Happy B'Day Rise! :kermit::) 

    1. ReVoLuTiOn


      Thanks:) :3

  3. Approved

    You will be good admoon good luck my friend
  4. Happy Birthday admooon:):partypopper:

  5. UnBanned

    So what should I do, or i RIP?
  6. UnBanned

    No, I did not change the address
  7. UnBanned

    Name: Rise™ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:688778954 Server: Minigame Admin: console it happened after the event on the minigame, I played and got the permanent ban by console, Reason - duplicate account, wtf is it?
  8. Return Alien shooter cyka blyat!
  9. Approved

    Fouzy is the most active player, many noobs use !spec, disconnect when they last zm,when there are no admins.Thanks to his online on the server, he can punish for it.
  10. Approved

    I hope to see you as administrator
  11. Declined

    Aggresive kid Chafik :3
  12. Declined

    You are 14 years old and you are gay, you will not be admin

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