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  1. Thanks for your idea mate. On my behalf I can say that We're currently working on new servers with new ideas. and it has covered some of your ideas. But I can't tell you everything, I'll leave it to @Calig whether he wants to reveal it or not. But soon we might even move to CSGO, as we already have Rust server with leveling and XP (Modded). Please stay tuned for further information from others. Regards
  2. Happy birthday champ! :partypopper:

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      Thank you mate :doge:

  3. Happy B-day Barbie boy! :D

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      Come on Barbie let's go party !:KappaPride:

  4. Happy B-day, mate! :partypopper:

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      Thank you mate :balloon:

  5. Happy Birthday SnoWolf! :heart:

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      Thank you so much bro :heart::kappa:

  6. Happy Birthday :)


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      Thanks Abdelatif;)

  7. Happy Birthday! :kermit: :kermit:

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      You're welcome :kermit:

      Thank you man :doge:

  8. Please specify and explain by saying "stupid kid"!
  9. @Leda That was the biggest insult I've ever managed to go through. @VaNsTeR having a better background picture ! A door knob has more IQ than him!!! and That's off the limit!!!

    hello i am following you i would send you to me

  11. Let's make him cry before he goes you mean ?
  12. I'm still here with Vanster.
  13. Jihoon you animal !

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