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  2. Let's make him cry before he goes you mean ?
  3. I'm still here with Vanster.
  4. Jihoon you animal !
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    Why so many admins of cats and muslims ?
  6. Hey folks Happy New Year to all of you, since I’m pretty sure everyone has already passed 1st. of January 2018, unless you guys are living on MARS. Although MARS Curiosity robot has better ping than I have sometimes. Okay, let’s cut to the chase! As for everyone with their 2018’s resolution, We have our own as well, which I’m going to explain it to you guys one by one: We’re about to change the name of the community from CS-Frag to something better. Before we do anything else, we have to pass this step, because as so many of you are already aware of this, we’re about to expand into CSGO, just as we did to Rust and other games, so for that matter, we should have a better name, since CS-Frag stands for Cancer Service-Frag (Counter Strike-Frag), and it doesn't look really convenient to have rust or any other game server using that name. You guys get the point? Next, we’re proud to announce that we will be having the following servers in/for the following games: Counter Strike Source [Existing] Killing Floor 2 [Existing] Rust [Existing] Counter Strike Global Offensive [Finished] Minecraft [In Progress] Also, there’s this matter of concern that we would like to discuss with you. @Calig is going to be arrested by Finland’s Army! (Short version: He’s going to do the service duty.) So for a quite short period of time (6 months – 1 year, most probably he’ll escape in 6 months and hop out). During this period we won’t be having anyone to blame lags and bugs on him, which I know it’s a big deal for all of us. Also, server updates will be limited since there won't be anyone to maintain the servers, or open any new ones. The Staff team will keep the community active by hosting events and arrange meetings cross the servers. Last but not least, we have set up an twitch community for the community. For now, I will be streaming there randomly on weekends and everyone else is more then welcome to join our community on twitch! Our community is not limited to anything, we have our Teamspeak 3 server, we have our Discord server and the only boundary for us is ourselves when it comes to playing various games. From PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUND to Dead By Daylight. So we have decided to Twitch it out for you fellas, so whenever you feel like grabbing popcorn and watching us raging, you can just head to my channel HERE. UBMan (UniBrowMan) - that's me - who has a close collaboration with CS-Frag will be twitching every Saturdays on schedule and for sure on other days, based on different occasions as well as also random twitching throughout weekends (You will be informed). Okay, that’s all, we’ll inform you about the new name and further information (If there will be any) any time soon. Stay tuned and again wish you all a great year 2018, full of joy, prosperity, happiness and full of gaming as always!
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    No, some of our admins are Jewish and so on. For example @Calig is jew. or Vanster is Nazi, or @MoonLight is a triggered feminist ! I am Lesbian myself.
  8. Well, both things are the same, Spamming the jump to avoid being pushed back is kinda abusing he glitch in a legit way as well imo. So you guys have to either accept the full consequence of the bhop ban or null. And regarding using Bhop not in your own advantage is toward players who consider the fact that new players are in the server and they think It's "pro" to get them in this way and ruin the fun for them. Cause let's face it, not everyone are in there for professional gameplay or show off, some are just there for the teamwork concept of the ZE. Regards
  9. P.S. :: It depends whether you have stronger CPU or GPU, then you have to shift your settings according to that as well.
  10. So this is gonna be my own opinion. First of all, Thank you so much for your feedback. CS-Frag appreciate members who criticize the problems which are already existing in the game and community both. Regarding the B-Hop, there are plugins which restrict players from B-Hopping in both CT and T. We already put that for voting and players voted YES to BHOP, but due to immaturity of some players, they abuse Bhop to their advantage and it kills the fun for everyone, which is sad. So there are other alternatives about this which @Calig can explain briefly. Solution + bit of Spoiler :: Our main plan and goal to solve this is to gradually move out of CSS toward CSGO, as you know, In CSGO, all these issues are already fixed. B-Hoppers will have hard time Bhopping and lag affects the gameplay less. So please bear with us. This might takes us some time to find the perfect solution and in the meantime, all we ask from the community is to be patient.
  11. Spoiler Alert : When you close CS:S , what other servers you open ? So Yes. Stay tuned & prepare !
  12. Happy B'Day mein Führer! :kermit: 

  13. Happy B-Day Sno!;)


  14. Happy Birthday SNOWOLF :)