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  1. GUIStudio is a compiler. When decompiling CS Source models, Crowbar automatically rotates them. So yea, I think it treats CS 1.6 models differently.
  2. I thought Crowbar automatically rotates the animations when decompiling?
  3. Probably you weighted the gun mesh to the wrong bones?
  4. Spoopy (please use this for Halloween): http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/136269 Swag: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/136216 http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/85184
  5. My real name spelt backward (NOS part), other two letters are the first letter of my middle and last name. Added dots between them to make it looks cooler. Came up with this about a year ago i guess, before i use whatever i can come up with but now i stick to this one.
  6. But you can import outside models and make a scene eh?
  7. Oh wow, then that's great. Thanks again.
  8. You...sure? Personal experience or something? Thanks anyway.
  9. So currently, i'm playing CS Source non-steam. I want to try out Source Filmmaker but it requires Steam to be installed. Question is, can i have both Steam and CS Source non-steam on the same computer? Will there be any prevention or interference from Steam to my version of CS Source? Yes yes, i'm playing illegal right now. I'll buy it when i move cause the cost of Steam currency in my country is too high right now. *cry in shame*