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  1. Happy Birthday buddy! :)

  2. Happy B'Day! :partypopper::partypopper:

    1. focus.


      Thank you Calig I hope you will comeback soon!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. focus.


      Thank you Neon old nickname ?

    2. N3ON47


      Well it is old but I just recently joined the community :kermit:


  4. Happy Birthday Focus.

    1. focus.


      Thank you Saxi ;) #noobadmin :D

  5. Chestit rojden den :D!

    1. focus.


      Mersi Demon ;) #admin4e

  6. How I remembered there were fridges ovens etc and that cost some credits I think it is better without them
  7. I already suggested such idea but no one wanted and the answer was the same CS:GO is the future ! Also we had dd2 and classic as well but they didn’t go very well but I think we should open Deathmatch Capture the flag de_dust2 unlimited !
  8. Sad so Surf is closing but from the other hand it`s a good idea because it is dead from half a year and no one enjoys playing there with 2-3 people so I totally agree with closing it and making place for new servers and game modes. I remember when I had nearly 2000 LV every map my score was smth like 100-200 kills and 1-5 deaths getting nearly 2000 pts a day then we were playing 7-8 people per team that was really funny and amazing ! Also, I remember when I was getting up to level up faster because of the reset #Blame @Calig good old times ! I met some good people there like h1dden,Daffy Duck,yassin,brian,Parly,MHR @VaNsTeR and more and more funny people ! Sad but yeah it`s time to go on and make new friends and new good experiences ! By the way @Calig usually forgets about the resets and they come 2-3 days and even weeks later ! Thank you all good people and (@Calig und @VaNsTeR) -focus.
  9. Rejected

    Good application and I wish you good luck bro ! Just keep playing properly and one day you will become admin but when you become be very skilled with your Admin commands and tools ! All the best ! -focus.
  10. Approved

    Good guy and good player I hope to see you as Admin in our team and of course Good luck my bro !
  11. Approved

    Good luck bro ! I know you are the most ACTIVE player on the server and I am happy so you finnaly decided to apply ! +rep Woooohoooooooooooo
  12. Approved

    I had a lot of bans too before I became and ADMIN
  13. Approved

    Slaxxy fair player and good friend Best B-hopper +1
  14. Pending

    It's not my deal but I wanna say like an ADMIN I was going to ban you in Surf RPG thousands of times cause of your spamming all the time! Also I wanna add that if you are applying in Ungag,Unmute,Unban etc. you are not supposed to write with CAPS LOCK and to write on that bad English level in game chat it's ok but here atleast you must have used google translate because it's hard to understand what you exactly say ! -focus.

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