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  1. omg yeah I remember those days I used to play with craked css back when Saturdays and sundays ze was always full
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    thx geri
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    thank you saxi
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    hahahahahah thx bro your the best
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    ghost thx my brother you are more closer then a friend to me if you say I can do it I'm sure I can be a good admin
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    thx m8
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    thx me lova
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    thx me lova
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    thx demonnnn
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    thx bruh
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    thx me lova
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    thx me lova
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    sure no problem man <3
  14. UnBanned

    well you need to check your custom skins that's the only way a aimbot script can get in your game without you notice
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    well even I cant forget the time I have been trolled by this surf server admin he sad I wont get ban it was my early days and I did it and regret it until this day.and that is what I'm not gonna do in the first place if I become and admin.i want to help the players of csfrag to get better so they wont do stuff like that.