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  1. Cheers akhi thanks alot
  2. Hey wassup everyone So i want to comeback to ze but i dont have the maps, and im asking for The map pack ( like i want to download them all in one not one by one ) Cheers and sorry if this is not the section of this kind of posts :') Cheers !!
  3. I may apear in that event x))
  4. Hello again x))

    1. XoOM =D
    2. VaNsTeR


      thought u are dead boi

  5. Hello i would humbly request from admin to make a map pack for csgo Surf server since i have the shitiest internet here, I would really apreciate it
  6. and i thought all the time its darude sand storm hmmmm
  7. !blame @calig 

    1. Calig


      * @Calig Blames @XXitachi for everything

    2. XXitachi



  8. Hey @XXitachi !! remember me?? i'm houston! of zombie escape :Heyguys:

  9. sahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit black bill v: mriiid mriiiid
  10. Go mako team's ready
  11. I used Windows 10 and i went back to 7, in windows 10 you have to disable so much stuffs to use your pc freely ( so microsoft wont block other things such illegal downloads ) its true that win10 is much optimized but windows 7 is much better and easy to use
  12. Hello everybody So this thread Will be about Zombie escape guide and I know some of you Know some of this guides and some of you not So lets get started with lila panic guide by XXSefa Ze pirate port royal By XXsefa Ze FFVII mako reactor guide by Tony montana Ze Paranoid Guide by tonny montana Hit boxes on Bahamut ( thanks to kaemon for explaining for me ) Red places are the hitboxes ( in other word, where to shoot him ) I'll add more in future
  13. PS : good luck it seems like a good map keep it up bro im sure its gonna be a good map
  14. Rip google translate dont translate everything right