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  1. VasyaPupkin

    when you already understand that your policy of bans and events is wrong ...
  2. VasyaPupkin

    Lol i won shaurma and i still didn't get vip nice admins
  3. VasyaPupkin

    U can ban forever now. I thought it over
  4. VasyaPupkin

    Nick: VasyaPupkin(shit map) Steam id: 76561198129263267 Ze Rumplestilskin My ban lasted 1 week. I decided to go to the server and play and the admin banned me for no reason.
  5. happy birthday yomayo!:kermit:

  6. Happy Birthday blyat^_^;)

  7. VasyaPupkin


    give me demo where i trolled pls
  8. VasyaPupkin


    The RUMPLESTILSKIN ZE 14:59 I played and did not touch anyone. I'm just a noob and when I shot a zombie, I missed it. So I was eaten by zombies and I infected all people. But the admin thought that I specifically do this and banned me because of personal dislike. I haven't demo cuz i didn't know that this can happen
  9. VasyaPupkin

    What mean badly made and unbalanced)?
  10. VasyaPupkin

    Yes, it is nice map and more people like it. Pls return map in nomlist
  11. VasyaPupkin


    I was banned in chat how i could communicate with russian people?