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  1. Hello bro how you doin can you join minigames?

    1. kEMOSABE


      Hey bro, sorry to say that I can't join. But hopefully soon enough, we'll play together :)

  2. ok but pls ungag me i will now respect and behave all of you i beg you saxi pls ungag
  3. ok bro desu
  4. ok
  5. ok i will wait when he comes
  6. name: Abdul Hadi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139891525 server: zm admin: Hichem lilou What Happen: Well first of all i dont have any demos and screen shots because i was not recording that time well i was speaking in minc that SuperVladys said shut up you kid i said him nothing but then when he said me gipsy i got angry me and supervladys were fighting that hichem come and said me that enjoy your one week gag and said nothing to supervladys thats not fair! so sorry for that hichem i will never do that pls ungag/unmute i will just respect you all see this and its your choice to made your desicion!
  7. Ok ok i got it now sorry for that i will never do that again so sorry pls ungag me i promise never insult anyone pls pls i beg you pls hichem i beg you



      and i will also be poilet pls hichem hichem but one thing when i speak in mic i dont shout but they also said shut up you kid yea i am small i am just 13 years old pls pls hichem

  8. Not Fair you should gag SuperVladys also he was also saying bad words huh you scared gaging your friends i know that you are just scared i had enough of that i am the only one who get punishment if so many peaple are abusing me huh dont you


    Now go on and ban me idc you gag or perm gag or perm ban pr perm mute idc idc you listen that

    1. Hichem


      dude stop talking about the religions and insulting the others, I got enough of reports against you how many times I had warned you just be tolerant with everyone, he took his punishment after I checked the whole chat... and I'm not afraid of anyone to let you know.

  9. I think he should get perm ban by the way
  10. awesome update @Leda good work
  11. hi my friend kemosabe :) 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    3. kEMOSABE


      Alright lets go, just gonna play it for sometime :D

  12. he name is Ginger Lego Man lego man becuz in fapeescape this song was playing and fapeescape is like lego now give my credits
  13. @Calig you did so much great thanks for adding members skin must add some commands also
  14. OPS

    OMG look at my friend grenade throwing hope you enjoy
  15. YES YES i like this map soo much football is the best