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  1. Hey calig can you tell me the plugin of vip in this server?i really need it to run my server any help?
  2. hello kid


  3. hello admin mg_rota_derp_v1_1 has been bugging recently when i joined the server the timing is set to 0 and when i die it does not change the map even i did timeleft it says sm this is last round but no matter how many times i die it does not change the map plzz change it or try to fix this ~hadi
  4. hi bro long time no see


    1. kEMOSABE


      Hey bro, just got back from the uni. 

      Come lets play :)


  5. what?
  6. plss dont close it
  7. noo dont remove zm_roy_the ship i love it
  8. hye general sir :)




      hye my commando hadi ^_^ and say hi to commando rudy too :)

  9. you mean i posted this map thing in wrong section?
  10. Hello i had like to suggest this map zm Cube v5 Final download link: http://gamearmy.ru/maps/1/47/3525 translate the link please Thanks
  11. Pending

    yeah lets wait
  12. Name:TUSK SteamID:STEAM_0:0:1538398962 Server:Zombie_Mod CS-frag Time:8:42 Reason:the game started and after the counting for infection TUSK became zombie and disconnect and joined again Proof: second was starting but here it is of first round here the link if the link doesnot work copy and paste it in adressbar in new tab https://imgur.com/gallery/DhPu6
  13. hey i cant get in game help please



  14. it doesnot work for me
  15. Hello bro how you doin can you join minigames?

    1. kEMOSABE


      Hey bro, sorry to say that I can't join. But hopefully soon enough, we'll play together :)

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