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  1. Enjoy ﴾꘠ ͜ʖ꘠﴿﴾꘠ ͜ʖ꘠﴿
  2. Better Songs here:
  3. tony dont be a kid dude. just chill in this game..
  4. Approved

    In-Game Name: HD 3000 i3 Country: Bulgaria STEAM_0:0:2141541081 my old pc rip and i have new make me member :3 peace. <3
  5. Banned

    Name: _strafe FideLink SteamID: STEAM_0:1:211900147 Server: CS-Frag Zombie Escape      Reason:Troll with items and kill teammates. Proof: https://www.mediafire.com/file/yid0uxhik0r8dmc/troller And Insult manny times.
  6. Approved

    I hope you get admin bro you are one of best chill and good guys in games <3 i will be very happy good luck KEMOSABE FOR ADMUNNNNN
  7. 1-ze_Serpentis_Temple_v1_1 2-ze_sandstorm_f 3-ze_Pirates_Port_Royal_v5_4s2
  8. And Shroom 2 easy map.
  9. Nice
  10. Add this easys maps pls
  11. TRAPLIFE Bulgaria Zombie Escape STEAM_0:0:1436376753