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  1. Happy birthday Slax

  2. Ma baby 20 years old Happy birthday <3


  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday :kermit:

  5. Approved

    Funny person, best dj ever, never been bored with him on the servers. +1
  6. Rejected

    Glorious application. Wish you luck
  7. yeah you will be a good admin slaxxy good ^_^^_^^_^^_^

    1. Slaxxy


      you will be too, not worse than me :KappaPride:

    2. ameer4


      lol but i am not member this will be time to be 


  8. Good luck to you as Admin Slaxxy! <3


  10. Approved

    @-JamNass- i dont deny, as though you never had bans before administration, and it was a long time ago btw
  11. Approved

    In-Game name: Slaxxy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:38529331 Native Language: Ukrainian, Russian Country: Ukraine Age: 19 Which server are you applying for? Zombie Mod Do you have any experience of being admin before? Nope When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source?Played hours? Playing CS:S since 2012, played 1794 hours(steam) and about 3000 hours non-steam, daily activity is 4-5 hours Do you have any bans within any other communities? Nope Why should we exactly pick you? I'm very active player on zm I play for about 4-5 hours a day, started playing when it was just eufrag.Why exactly me?Being just a member i'm trying to catch hackers and breakers to clean up the servers,sure, by making demo or with the help of admins.So i came here to help the server find a justice,i'm absolutely sure this is my destination.Plus,it's PROBABLY gonna be first admin that speaks Russian,so perhaps this is an advantage to deal with even russian guests on the sever. My high activity will be reflected at administration,consciously not going to disappoint the onwers by the decision in future. Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. I usually support pretty good relation with players, hope nothing will hinder to deal with individuals of the server.If speak about my english, this is enough to talk and explain eveything what will be needed.
  12. Late but Happy bday ^^

    1. Slaxxy


      thanks, Saxi <3

  13. Happy B-Day Zadrot :kermit:

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