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  1. Hello bro how you doin can you join minigames?

    1. kEMOSABE


      Hey bro, sorry to say that I can't join. But hopefully soon enough, we'll play together :)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday man :partypopper::balloon:

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    Vote for Pouzy!
  4. Belated Happy Birthday Mamashiiita! :P

    1. Lady InsAne

      VIP User Lady InsAne

      Ahahah thank you Kemo <3

  5. Good work @FideLink Keep it up man, good going
  6. Declined

    In-Game name: |kEMOSABE| Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:23032279 Country: UAE. Favorite Servers: Minigames, zombie escape and zombie mod. I'm applying this member application so that I could use the "!calladmoon" command
  7. Happy Birthday XoOM!:balloon: :partypopper:

    1. XoOM =D

      XoOM =D

      Thanks You kemo <3 

  8. Happy Birthday man :D

    1. VaNsTeR


      thank you kemo :)

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    Thank you guys soo much. Feel really honored to be a part / slave of cs-frag xD
  10. Happy Birthday man!

    Stay Blessed :troll_happy:

    1. Uchiha Desu

      VIP User Uchiha Desu

      Thank you! Really appreaciate it! :)

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    Thank you guys for soo much love! Couldn't believe this Clan would've been so lovable @FideLink
  12. Hola DOC!

    Happy Birthday :P

  13. Name: Doom49 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1532399476 Server: From All probably. Admin: VaNsTeR What happened: Well this kid Doom49 is a good friend of mine but sometimes he gets a little too excited that he changes his name to other old players. He's a good kid and doesn't mean no harm. He was banned from the servers for a week which is expired but he is permanently gagged and muted. I talked to him and made him understand that changing the name to other players shall get him banned forever. As he doesn't understand English quite well so he couldn't understand the warnings given to him before by the admins. As he's a kid and doesn't understand much, i'm writing this request on his behalf. I just want him un-muted / un-gagged, as he's fun to play with!
  14. hi my friend kemosabe :) 

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    3. kEMOSABE


      Alright lets go, just gonna play it for sometime :D

  15. kek ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. FideLink


    2. kEMOSABE