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  1. Pending

    Banned him by a mistake,as I thought that he somehow avoid the ban. Unbanned now and also this topic will be locked!
  2. Happy BDay! ;)

    1. Ismail lilou

      Ismail lilou

      thank you my friend :) 

  3. Pending

    Seems legit. It will be his 7th ban so he should be banned for 1 week in my opinion,but let's see what other admins are going to say.
  4. Chestit Rojden Den kitaec ;):D

  5. Pending

    Gonna close the topic,nothing to say here anymore.
  6. Happy B-Day !

  7. I will just close the topic to prevent further dispute.
  8. Well seems like the second map is good,gonna be online for the event and lets try to win
  9. Chestit rojden den :D!

    1. focus.


      Mersi Demon ;) #admin4e

  10. Haappy B-day Moon!

  11. Vanster the server is dead from a long time probably,you should add the map it's a good one.
  12. Weee are on druugs
  13. Happpyy B-Day!

  14. Will miss you dungeon master p.s. ZH will take over the server

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