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  1. Thanks bro <3
  2. Indeed brother
  3. So i think that you guys should make a Left4dead server with 4 players capacity with radio, so it'll probably will be full. And shut down the CS:GO servers because there isn't many players playing on them. So they are just extra cost for admin.
  4. In-Game name: ✌Croucher✌ or sometimes Hoxton™ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:193841374 Native Language : Arabic,English Crountry : Palestine Age 15 ============================================================== I am applying for SurfRPG. I Don't have experience of being admin before. I started Playing CS:S in 2014 and i have around 1000 hours on No-steam and 150 hours on steam. I do have a perm Ban with ]Hell[ clan on No-steam for disrespect. ============================================================== Well i think That SurfRPG needs to be alive again, It's dead cuz of hackers,kids,etc.. and I like play surf and just why not try to make it better I'll do my best to make surf better, and to be honest i really like cs-frag, and breaks my heart to see it dead, and i learnt alot of experience from my past years dealing with people and so.. and since it's a No-steam someone have to take care better of it, and i have my way of dealing with all kinds of people. See The person should be like a sponge to suck their anger and reduce it, but if they go too far, stop them at their limits. In addition: If i'll become an admin my time at CS:S will increase and spend much more time at surf, and ensure you to make it better.