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  • General Server Rules
    Don't use cheats / scripting / macros / hyperscroll
    Any hacking, cheating, scripting will result in a permanent ban without warning.

    No racism, insults, hate speech and mic/chat spamming
    Insults, bad words, hate speech and mic/chat spamming are not allowed on our servers.
    Be tolerant with other players.

    No disconnecting to avoid death
    Do not disconnect to avoid being killed, your rank will be reset and a ban may be issued.

    Only English is allowed in voice communications
    You can only use any language in chat but only English is allowed in microphone
    to make your speech clear for all players.

    No inappropriate sprays
    Do not use porn / racism / generally disgusting sprays.

    Don't use exploits in maps
    Things which can prevent normal game are restricted.

    No spam and links
    This includes advertising hacks, websites, other servers and recruiting for clans.

  • Zombie Escape

    Do not disconnect as last zombie
    Disconnecting as the last zombie will get yourself banned from the server.

    Do not troll with special map items
    You will be banned from using map special items if you troll or abusing map special weapons

    Do not grief / edge / troll
    Please don't ruin the game, its supposed to be fun. Also do not stay near the edges.

    Do not boost zombies with knife
    Knifing zombies towards the map objective or your teammates will get yourself banned.

    Help your team with the map objective
    Stop hugging the doors and help your team to defend from the zombies.
    You will be warned with a slay.

  • Minigame

    Don't give/share weapons to your opponent team
    Once you get the weapon to kill opponents, keep it only for yourself.

    Don't constantly pick the same Mini game
    Learn to play other than your favorite 'mini game' in the map!

  • Zombie Mod

    No teaming up with zombies

    Humans and zombies are not meant to work together.

    No hiding inside the props
    You will be automatically slayed without any warnings!

    Don't destroy other players barricades
    Destroying other players barricades will get you banned for good.

    Don't disconnect as last zombie
    Disconnecting as the last zombie will get yourself banned from the server.

    Don't stuck doors with props
    Stucking doors with props that are impossible to open is not allowed.

    Don't disconnect on purpose to get on zombies team
    That's not how you play the game.

    Don't stand near the edges
    Standing on the edges to get infected on purpose is not allowed.
    It's better to jump off.