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Found 3 results

  1. Black Friday is just few days ahead of us and obviously, a mini-event is on its way! Football(CSS) and Paintball(CSGO) Stay tuned for further details! (It will be on Friday most probably) and Don't forget to inform your friends! Let's celebrate BLACK FRIDAY!!! P.S. :: I'll be the host, just like good old days, there's nothing better than a chaotic cancerous event from me on a chaotic cancerous Friday!
  2. [sharedmedia=finalCountdown:countdown:3] MG_Serpentis_Temple_V1 Click To Download Let's try again to beat the map, since we learned a lot from last time. Vote in the poll which day we should keep the event. Either 5th or 6th of June. You have time to vote until 3 PM GMT +1 Time. Vote Results: Server: CS-Frag :: Minigame IP:
  3. Calig

    mg event

    As requested, This Saturday after Zombie Escape event, we will be having an event, and we will be playing; MG_Serpentis_Temple_V1 Click To Download Server: CS-Frag :: Event Server IP: Status: Online The server will be opened after Zombie escape event. You may invite your friends if they want to join! Hopefully we get to complete the map! :cheerful: