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Zombie Escape Event 17.08.2017

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We are having a Zombie Escape Event and there is going to be one every weekend again from now on.

Sorry for the lack of events lately. For this time Event Managers have decided the maps to be played and soon we will introduce you our new event system.


For Saturday it will be ze_Shroomforest3_b6_2 and ze_Otakuroom_v5_6fs

For Sunday it will be ze_Bathroom_v2_5s and ze_Roof_adventure_v5s


Download links

ze_Otakuroom_v5_6fs (Download)

ze_Bathroom_v2_5s (Download)

ze_Roof_adventure_v5s (Download)

ze_Shroomforest3_b6_2 (Coming soon)


There are no rewards for this Event but still enjoy the game with us.

Hopefully seeing many of you there!

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