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Some plugins for the ZE Server

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• Flashlight Always

It has been blocked from certain maps for reason,

so I it would be the best leave the map as they are now.

• Countdown

Tested and not working properly. Sometimes not detecting defending places at all,

sometimes showing the countdown in the wrong and annoying places.

• Give Weapons at Round Start

We had plugin made for that, and it has been now added to server.

• Glow Buttons

Probably could give it a try.

• ResetScore with colors

Already exist on the server.

• Showdamage


Too much information showing in the center. It would have been possible

to only show HP left and the player name etc. But decided to add zombie HP Bars

and keep the old Show Damage plugin on the server 

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can i stell add you i need some help with my server if it's possible

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